She's not just a maid..

Lily's a 19 year old college student living alone in an apartment in London. She works as a part-time maid for some rich peoples mansion. She has never met the home owners though. What happens when she does?


3. Chapter 3.

Lily's POV

Ahhh! He wants to hang out! I'm totally in for it! I mean who wouldn't be?! I'm totally freaking out, I've always had like daydreams about meeting One Direction! And I love them all, but Harry is totally my fave! Those sexy curls and adorable dimp-

My thoughts were interrupted by Harry rushing in. I thought he left.

"I forgot something.." He explained and his face turned red.

Aw, I make him feel embarrassed, maybe he likes me? Ahhhh!!

I just giggled at him, "Okay!"

He rushed upstairs, got something, and left.

I screamed and started jumping up and down! OMG! AHHH!

I don't even mind cleaning this house anymore, knowing that it belongs to 5 sexy beast. I pick up the garbage bag and continue doing what I was doing.

*          *          *          *          *          *          *          *          *       

Harry's POV

On my way to Nando's all I was thinking about was Lily and how tonight would go. I hope she likes me! You shouldn't text and drive, but I have to text her... now! 

To: Lily the Best Fucking Maid Ever;)

Looking forward to tonight!;)

-H Xx

Ha, I chuckled at what she put her name as, cheeky girl! But I don't want her as a maid... I want her! Just her!

*          *          *          3 hours later          *         *          *

Lily's POV

I checked my phone and it said 4:58, 2 more minutes! Me and Harry have been texting non-stop since he left. How in the world did this happen? I'm so lucky! I put the cleaning supplies away under the kitchen sink, and bumped into someone coming in the kitchen.

Zayn's POV

The boys and I just got home. They were all in the living room, but I went straight to the kitchen to get some water, my throat was killing me. As I was walking in I bumped into a beautiful girl. When we ran into each other she was up against my chest and my hands somehow ended up on her waist. She looked up at me and I looked down at her.

Lily's POV

Oh my fuck. Here I am hands on Zayn frickin' Malik's chest and his hands on my waist. He kept looking from my eyes to my lips. So I did the same to him. But why couldn't I move, I wasn't stuck I just didn't want to move. I breathed in his scent and he felt comforting. 

Zayn's POV

I had this urge to kiss her. But I have Perrie. But this girl is just so... oh the things I would do to this girl. Ah, shit !She must be the sexy maid Harry kept on blabbing on and on about and he had already called dibs on her. But I just couldn't move away. We were both mesmerized by each other. We both moved in closer lips about to touch. But then...

"Ahem!" Harry coughed.

Oh shit!



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