She's not just a maid..

Lily's a 19 year old college student living alone in an apartment in London. She works as a part-time maid for some rich peoples mansion. She has never met the home owners though. What happens when she does?


14. Chapter 13

Lily's POV

'You have to pick one of us' 'So who's it gonna be' Those words swirl in my head. Over and over again. I can't I don't deserve any of them. I'm a slut. My mom was right. I'm a whore. I'm worthless. I should kill myself. I get up and run from the living room the boys calling after me. I run. I keep running until it's dark I can barely see anything. I look around. I realize that I'm in front of my childhood home. It's abandoned. I walk inside as memories flash through my mind. Me playing dolls in the hallway. The wall where my family recorded my height. The kitchen where I tried to bake so many times, but made a mess instead. I smile to myself. Until I walk by the room. The room where he raped me for the very first time.

* * * FLASHBACK  * * *

I was laughing watching TV with dad. Mom was at the store. He looked at me.

"You love your dad, don't you Lily' he tells me.

'Of course you're my dad' I speak all little uncomfortable.

'I love you too honey. You have no idea how much I love you.' He tells me almost dark. He puts his hand on my thigh.

Dd-da-ad you're starting to freak me out what are you doing' I say scared. He hasn't ever been like this to me.

'Shut up. Listen to your father and do as I say' He tells me angerly.His hand going farther up my leg.

'Dad STOP!!' I say jumping up. He slaps me. Hard. I fall to the ground crying. Tears streaming down my face uncontrollably.

'Come with me.' He tells me grabbing my arm and dragging me to the guest room. He throws me on the bed.

'Dad no please, don't do this. I'm so young ,please, stop don't this to me, I'm your daugther please.' I say crying pleading.

'You're right' He tells me. I breath in a sigh of relief. 'And because you're my daugther I'm going to teach you a leason for disobeying me.' He yells angry takeing his pants off. Soon I'm tyied to the bed. He has already stripped me naked and gaged me. I sit there crying waiting for it all to be over. He whispers to me before he enters me. 'Keep quite about this. It can be our little secret.' He enters me after and it hurts I cry I try to pretend I'm anywhere but here. Soon it's over. He calls me a slut and walks out of the room. Leaving me naked, still tied to the bed, and no longer a virgin. Later my mom found me and helped my out of it but she started hitting me and calling me names.

* * * END OF FLASHBACK * * *

I sigh thinking that that was only the beginning. My parents were right though. I am a whore. I am a slut. I am worthless. Look at what a mess I made. I almost ruined a relationship. I ruined a fake relationship. I have four guys fighting over me. I have lead them all on. I am a whore. My mom, my dad, Perrie, all those kids at all of my old schools were right. I'm nothing I shouldn't be alive, I should just kill myself. I think about my mom and her last words to me as we left the trial as I lost both of my parents.

* * * FLASHBACK * * *

'I hate you she screams, your father and should of never had you, go kill yourself you whore!' She screams as the guards carry her away.

* * * END OF FLASHBACK * * *

The words ring in my head. As if it had only happend yesterday. I should kill myself, I should kill myself. I run into the bathroom and find and old razor tucked away right where I left it. It's nit even rusty it looks almost brand new. Do I do it I think. Just as Zayn bursts through the door. I jump up 'How did you find me?' I ask.

'I called Louis after you ran off he said this is where you lived when you were a kid. I thought you might be here. I heard you crying. What's wrong?' He tells me.

'I-i-i I can't tell you it's to much. Please don't tell anyone about the razor' I plead. I couldn't tell him. I just couldn't.

'It's alright it can be our little secret' He smiles at me.

Just then I fall in his lap crying. He doesn't know what those words mean to me. I start to cry hysterically. Tears hitting my face like bullets. After a while I don't have the energy to cry. I look at him.and I tell him everything about my dad and mom, even the kids that bullied me. He listens silently a few stray tears falling here and there. I don't know if I'll end up with him but I know that a part of me. Maybe small but it's certainly there. A part of me is in love with Zayn Malik. We don't speak the whole way home as soon as I get back I run to my room. Faintly I hear Niall behind me. I don't know if I can does this. I have so much to think about. He walks into the room and I still don't know what I'm going to do..........

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