Emma Smith was always a movie star. From the time she was young and starred in movies with Barney, to when she was 17 and is now going on a world tour for her new move: Kidnapped. Emma hardly thinks there's any danger, because she has her bodyguard and her new famous friend, Ashley Remez to help her, but inside her heart, she knows that the utterly famous Emma Smith is wrong. When she's kidnapped, with the help of her boyfriend, and her assistant, Emma learns to do drastic things. Then her new cell mate comes along, and changes her situation.


5. The Tour Bus is FAB!

Finally, the day I go on tour! Dad packed up my things, and now I’m eating my morning sushi in a limo, ready to get on the tour bus, which is what we’re driving to the airport, which will then take us to another tour bus in South Carolina, where we’ll begin our tour in Charlotte. My phone buzzes, and expecting Jason to explain his weird behavior, I pull it out. It’s not Jason though, it’s Ashley.

Ashley: omg this tour bus is sooooo cool!!!!! :D

Emma: I bet it is be there soon : )

Ashley: c u!

Dad pulls into the parking lot, and the tour bus is glamorous. The outside is a giant version of the movie poster, with me and Tim hugging. Inside, a red plush carpet circles the floor, and black leather sofas surround the edges of the “room” A mini fridge with soda, organic lemon juice, salad, and even a few hamburgers sits in one corner, and a bookcase with movies in it including Kidnapped sits in another. A plasma TV hangs in the back of the bus, and I smile when I see my bags in the trunk. Ashley bolts up from her spot on one of the couches to squeeze me in a bear hug.

“Isn’t this faboulous? EEK! I love it!” she says, and she looks about ready to explode.

“This is awesome!” I say, plopping down on a sofa. Lolita, Tim, Derek, Ashley and Phil are going on tour with me, and we all look as excited as Ashley.

Then the bus starts moving! We all plop down and we vote on a movie; Kidnapped, Frankly Me or Thank You Sandy!. I star in all of them, and eventually we vote on Frankly Me, which is about a girl who acts popular, but inside is a softy, and one day comes to school, and one of the other girls says (ooh I love this part!) “What have you become? WHO ARE YOU?” and I (the main character Tasha) says , “Frankly, me!”.

We watch that part over and over, because it is the coolest scene ever! We reach the airport and take a boring airplane ride, until we reach the Charlotte Airport where we board an identical tour bus and ride to a Comfort Inn. After we’re all in bed, I hear a buzz from my phone.

Jason: are you there?

Emma: where else would I be?

Jason: I don’t know :p

Emma: im sleeping though

Jason: I love you a lot

Emma: yeah, I know

Jason: good night

Emma: good night J

Jason: I hope you text me again

Emma: why wouldn’t I

I click off my phone and think to myself; Why wouldn’t I?

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