Emma Smith was always a movie star. From the time she was young and starred in movies with Barney, to when she was 17 and is now going on a world tour for her new move: Kidnapped. Emma hardly thinks there's any danger, because she has her bodyguard and her new famous friend, Ashley Remez to help her, but inside her heart, she knows that the utterly famous Emma Smith is wrong. When she's kidnapped, with the help of her boyfriend, and her assistant, Emma learns to do drastic things. Then her new cell mate comes along, and changes her situation.


1. The Sushi Was Cold!

I usually wake up to the sound of directors shouting, or even Styn whining, but today, there was an odd silence on the set. Then I realized it was because I wasnt on a set, I was at home, lounging in my bed. In three days I'd be leaving to go on a world tour for my Blockbuster movie! I flopped over in bed and called Styn Middlewood, my personal assistant. She asked what I wanted and I said the usual breakfast sushi. Sushi, of many things, is a must-have. Styn brings it up, and the first thing I see is the yummy vinegar carrots and organic lettuce spread that was custom made for me, Emma Smith! After Styn leaves, I settle back and eat my sushi. Then I convulse when I realize it's freezing cold. I like my sushi cold, but not this cold. I wonder what Styn was doing that got the sushi this cold. After I finish the cold sushi, I settle back and watch the film from Kidnapped, the movie I was in. Then I roll over, and go back to sleep.

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