Prank call ideas

These r just some prank call ideas that I kno and have heard of and some of them I did... If u kno 1 and u would like me to put it in the story just comment it an also if u have something u would like me to write about or u just want to talk about something u can kik me at syclopsmonkey Byyeee!!!!


8. Authors note

A/n sorry I hate a/n too but this has to be said... Either u can use a pay phone or something like that or (in the USA u can *67 but idk what u do when u live anywhere else sorry) but don't use ur real number cause ppl can track u :) oh and I got a question to ask everyone.., IF U R READING THIS COMMENT I LIKE POTATOES... BTW MY QUESTION IS DO U LIKE COWS COMMENT YES OR NO?!?! Thank u :)

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