She's not afraid

Logan was born in the States (New York) and later on when she was 18 moved to the UK running form her ex. While she was running from love who was also looking for a new start, this boy's name was Marcel. Marcel wanted to change...everything.....


16. Clubbing Part 2

I walked over the bar with Liam where i left Harry but instead there was 12 empty shot glasses and my bag. My first thought was that Harry was in the bathroom so i didnt worry."You wanted to talk?"

"Yeah" he gulped "I love you, you are gorgeous and i want you but harrys my brother and i dont want to hurt him I want to be the one you sleep next to, watch movies with and get married to" he grabbed my hands and kissed me 

"N-No Liam i cant i am sorry, have you seen harry"

"Yeah no umm i haven't" I looked everywhere around the club and called him 24 times and texted him, i even called all the other boys asking if they say him but no one has. I walked all around new York 

You:@harrystyles where are you?!?!

I couldnt keep looking it was 3 in the morning and Liam walked me home. I kept crying on the way home and when i fell asleep . I went into Louis room knowing he was Harrys best friend

"Louis do you think Harry is ok?" I said sniffling my own tears

"Julie Harry is probably on a walk, he has been under alot of pressure to sing and with all the fans, he will be fine trust me" he hugged me, louis was like a brother.

"ummm also...Liam kissed me....i need to tell HArry but what will he say?"

"Oh wow um tell him when we are in Ireland after we preform he will be relaxed then" I nodded and feel alseep without harry.


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