Only for you ~Niall Horan~

"There something you to know" Kimberly said to Niall. I cover my eyes so Niall won't see. "What?" He asked "Maya eyes change due to her moods. When her eyes are pale blue she is sad. If her eyes are blue she normal. If her eyes are green that means she likes someone. If there dark green she is-" "Kimberly don't!" I cried "She what?" Niall said curious "She-" I stop Kimberly and covered her mouth and then noticing I was also covering her nose making hard to breathe. Kimberly push me making me fall on my bum. "She is in love" Kimberly said breathless.


4. Page 4

*Maya P.O.V*

"No!" I yelled "Yes! Now put it on I want to see how it looks!" Kimberly smiled. Kimberly handed me a "hooker" dress. I took the dress from Kimberly and throw it on my bed "I'm not going to wear it. Niall told me to wear something regular."  I open my closet and pick out a shirt and some pants I haven't  for a long time. I went to the bathroom and put it on. I did my hair and went back to my room to get my shoes. Right when I went to get my phone I heard a knock. I could feel the butterfly flying around making my stomach tickle. "Can you open the door for Niall?" I could feel my voice begin to crack due to my shyness. "Maya?" Kimberly asked. I looked at her and she just stared at me. "Your eyes are dark green!" She sang and opened the door. "Look at her eyes!" Kimberly whispered to Niall "Kimberly!" I yelled trying to stop her from embarrassing me.  Oh god! Is this really happening? I thought. I felt like I'm going to do something so stupid that I'll embarrass myself so bad he won't like me anymore. "Maya?" Niall called out "Uh?" I snapped out of my thoughts. He chuckled and took my hand and lead me to his car.

Niall oped the car door for me and I gave a little thank you nod. I hopped in and quickly looked around his car, while Niall jogged around the car. "So Niall were you're taking me?" I asked maybe a little to quite "Uh?" Niall responded. I was a bit embarrassed and just look at the window "Never-mind" I said "No, tell me." Niall said. I sighed "Forget it." "come on, don't be like that." Niall begged. The car stopped at a red light. "Please?" He reached his hand and place it on my hand. I quickly move my hand. He look at me with a confuse face but then embarrassed. "Everything okay?" He asked "Yea." I gave a short smile "It doesn't seem like it." Niall said, tying to find out what was I hiding. "It's nothing." I look at Niall and he was getting a little annoyed. "What do you mean 'It's nothing'?" Niall sounded mad for a second "What are you hiding?" He sounded worried   "I'm hinding nothing, Niall!" I started to yell also staring to get annoyed because of all the questions. "You know what?!" I unbuckle my seat-belt and opened the car door. I get out and start walking, Niall get out of the car and puts his arms up "Maya?! At least let me take you home." I didn't look back and just walked faster and faster in till I started running.

                                                   *Niall P.O.V*

I got inside my car and made a U-turn and started diving where Maya was heading. I started slowing down when I saw Maya walking. I parked my car and quickly ran towards Maya. I pulled Maya hand, seconds after she yelped. She turn around and I see blood flowing down her arm. Maya started shaking and ran, I ran after her. I tried to catch up but she was way to fast.

I caught up to her house. She left the door bit open so I open the door. I see Kimberly eating a bowl of peanuts and watching t.v. "Did you know Maya runs fast." I said out of breath, Kimberly looked at me "Yea, She was on track in high school." She said it like it was no big deal "Where is Maya?" I asked. She look at me confuse "What do you mean 'Where is Maya?' I though she was with you!" Kimberly stand up from the couch. 


           Sorry that it was short! I promise I write WAY more in the next page! I'm also sorry I haven't updated.


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