Only for you ~Niall Horan~

"There something you to know" Kimberly said to Niall. I cover my eyes so Niall won't see. "What?" He asked "Maya eyes change due to her moods. When her eyes are pale blue she is sad. If her eyes are blue she normal. If her eyes are green that means she likes someone. If there dark green she is-" "Kimberly don't!" I cried "She what?" Niall said curious "She-" I stop Kimberly and covered her mouth and then noticing I was also covering her nose making hard to breathe. Kimberly push me making me fall on my bum. "She is in love" Kimberly said breathless.


3. Page 3

                                                 *Maya P.O.V* 

I wake up from a text from Kimberly saying "Hey! Get up! I know your sleeping" I smiled and text back saying "Yeah am up what do you want?" I then checked my calender in my phone and my patents are coming next month. I sighed and went to the change in to a sample clothes. I Went to the living room to get my IPhone charger but couldn't find it. I checked my phone but it died.

                                                 *Kimberly P.O.V* 

I called Maya for the 3rd time and she didn't answer her phone. "That's it! I'm bringing Niall if she likes it or not!" I said to myself. I got my car keys and left but before I could leave my dad called me from the kitchen. "What dad?" I yelled "Come here." I walked in the kitchen and sat in the table where my dad was sitting. "Yes?" I said "You go outside too much and I want to know if you're seeing someone and not just Maya." He said in a worried tone "Dad if you think I getting into drugs I'm not." I let out a little giggle "Okay but what about a boy?" He said when his head held down, playing with his thumbs. It's true I am going to see my girlfriend a lot. I mean like everyday and I come home at night. "Dad..." I trailed off " I don't see myself with a guy." I said in a low voice. His head shot up. I started to let a tear escape from my left eye. "I don't have a boyfriend" I gave a little smile " I have a girlfriend and I want you to understand that I love her." He didn't look mad. He got up and left the kitchen. I was shocked. I just sat there staring at nothing. He hates me now I thought. I stand up and walked slowly to the door. "Honey!" I turn around and saw my mom there "Your father told me and..." She paused for a few seconds and said " I understand who you want to be." She smiled "As long as your happy am happy!" She hugged me tight "Thanks mom." I whispered in her ear and started to cry.

                                                        *Maya P.O.V*

I sat on the couch tired of trying to fine the charger. I heard a knock on the door and lazily got up and groaned and saw Kimberly and her girlfriend? And Niall of course. "Hey!" I said giving a one side wave. "Oh! Um...come in" I opened the door wider. Kimberly and her girlfriend were holding hand and it was cute. "Hey did you know that she was lesbian?" Niall whispered "Uh yeah just yesterday." I smiled "Oh." He walked to the kitchen "Maya! This is my girlfriend Dahlia!" She said cheerfully "Hi nice to meet you!" I smile and suck out my hand to shack hands but she look at me like I was disgusting. I narrowed my eyes browns and left. I went to the kitchen to get a apple and saw Niall look into my fridge. "Hungry?" I asked "Uh yea." He sighed. I when to the cabinet and got out a big bag of chips. "Here you can have it." I handed the bag to him. "Thanks!" He smiled "Your welcome." I walked away "Wait!" Niall grab my hand "yea?" I asked confused. He stuck both of his hands in his pockets and held his head down "Will you go to out with me?" He asked shyly "Um..Yes!" I smiled greatly "Tomorrow?" He scratch the back of his head "Yeah what time?" I asked  "At six?" I nodded.

                                                     I was the happiest girl right now! 


 Hey! It's MessyGem! And I'm sorry that this page was short but I hope you like it!

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