People like us

This is an AU fanfic but the boys will still all know each other


2. Flash back.

"Alright here's what happened, about a year ago.."


"Wow look at her over there sitting by herself, what a loser." I over heard  

"I have ears you know" i mutter to myself, thats it I have had enough! I stood up on my chair at the table i was sitting at and said "Hey everybody guess what? FUCK YOU!" then i got up and started to roam the halls for the reminder of the lunch period.

"Psssttt over here psstttt" i turn around to see none other than Liam Payne great. He was considered one of the "cool' outcast like what even is that a cool outcast?

"May I help you Liam?"

"Well yeah, i mean no im trying to help you"


"Just take a walk with me Eliza" Woah holy shit he knows my name, not that its a big deal or anything   who the fuck am i kidding he is a fucking sex god! its a pretty big deal.

"You know Eliza what you did in the cafe today was.. well pretty amazing i respect you for that"

"Oh okay wait Liam where are we going?" 

"Dont worry about it" Don't worry about, Don't worry about it? those words kept repeating in my mind. like HOW THE FUCK DO YOU NOT WANT ME TO WORRY ABOUT IT YOU'RE LEADING ME INTO A FUCKING RANGE ROVER WITH TINTED WINDOWS!!! wait am i being kidnapped?

"Liam.. Are you kidnapping me?"

"hahaha no of course not we are just taking you to our flat silly" wait who is we? then is opens the door to the car and i see none other than the rest of his clique Harry Styles, Niall Horan, Zayn  Malik, and Louis Tomlinson.

"Oh that we" i quietly say to myself

"what did you say" Liam asked

"oh nothing important"

We're in the car for what feels like hours, where the fuck is their flat? I figured we should be there by now, and then thats when i see it a big brick building, "ahh" i think to myself "this is their flat"


"Woah Woah Woah wait, you're telling me th-

"Will you be quiet im telling a story here"







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