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This is an AU fanfic but the boys will still all know each other


1. "But I thought..." " You though wrong"

A/N: Hey everybody thanks for reading, this is probably going to be hard to understand for the couple chapters because i wrote it as if someone was telling a story to someone else bear with me on this .

Eliza P.O.V 

"Eliza what happened to the old you?, the geeky adorable Eliza that I used to know?" My mother asked me

"She long gone mother and she is nev-er coming back" I stressed the word never to prove a point to my mother.

"Was it those boys you been hanging around with lately Eliza?"

"Yes mother but its for the best"

"But I thought you said you'd never chan-" I cut her off not being able to hear the rest of her sentence because the word that were about to come out of her mouth were completely right, I have changed and I dont know whether it was for better or worse.

"You thought wrong!"

"Eliza please just tell me what happened to the old you!"

"Fine mother you want to know what happened?"



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