The Call that Changed My Life

Hi, I am Emery Lee; I live an average life. I go to school in London, get good grades, have good friends and work hard to achieve my dream of becoming an actress. I am going to Uni next year in New York and plan study dramatic arts. This was who I was until the day I met a person that changed my life forever.


2. Lunch Call

Niall’s P.O.V

Wow. She was drop dead gorgeous. I thought I was going to die when I was introduced to her. I loved talking to her she was funny in a way that seemed like she wasn’t trying she seemed nice and easy going and fun to be around. Maybe I was the one that would be asking someone out before the end of the day, I at least needed her number. “Hi Mrs. May” she said in that angelic voice of hers she introduced us and one girl literally squealed then passed out I really hope that that doesn’t become a problem because it is quite embarrassing.  As we listened to Mrs. May’s lecture a note was placed on my desk, it read:

            Hey Niall sorry to interrupt this fantastic lecture

            *note sarcasm*

But I was wondering, where Louis and Zayn are and I was thinking that we could exchange numbers so that if you need anything you have someone to ask my number is

813- 259-6318

I got really excited because this was the perfect reason to get her number. I quickly tore out a piece of paper from my notebook and wrote her back.

Well Louis is spending the day with Eleanor his girlfriend and Zayn is spending some extra time with his family. About the number great idea mine is


I pass her the note and she nods her head showing that she understands.

*at lunch*


`Ring Ring` “sorry Emery I have to take this” I say as I rush out of the canteen where I had been eating lunch with Harry, Liam, Emery, Anna, Grace and there friend Ginny. I hit accept on my phone and answer the conversation went like this:

“Hey Lou what’s up”

“She dumped me”

“What are you talking about?”

“It’s Eleanor she dumped me, she said the whole long distance thing wasn’t working and she said she was sorry but she dumped me”

“Oh Lou I’m so sorry, now take a deep breath go get some tea and turn on the telly or try to get some rest I will come to your place this afternoon ok?”

“Ok thanks Nialler”

Emery’s P.O.V

What was that we were in the middle of a conversation then his phone rang and he just left? I think I really like him but choosing his phone over a real person really bothers me but maybe he has a good reason. The whole can I have your number thing was just so I could have his number but he probably doesn’t like me back I mean he could have me or some rich famous pretty girl. I needed to ignore these feelings and work on just being his friend. As I see Niall walk back to our table I can’t help but get butterflies. Ignoring my feelings is going to be harder than I thought.

Niall’s P.O.V 

“Harry, Liam I need to talk to you now” I say urgently. Liam looks quite concerned because I never act like this but Harry just seems annoyed because I interrupted his conversation with Grace. “In just a sec-“ he is cut off by what I’m going to assume is Liam’s elbow entering his side, “Let’s go Harry” Liam says in a tight voice. “What the heck was that for I was about to ask Grace out man you ruined it” Harry shouted in my face. “Dude, chill do you really think I would have interrupted if it wasn’t urgent?” I asked him.  “You have a point but hurry it up” he said. “Well that was Louis he said Eleanor dumped him because the whole long distance thing wasn’t working, but I think that there may be something else going on” I said “also I’m going over there this afternoon so you guys are more than welcome to come.” I had been watching Harry’s expression he had gone from angry to guilty (for being angry) to just upset. I knew he felt bad for Louis because the two of them were really close and he knew how important that relationship was to Louis. “I’ll text Zayn and tell him what’s going on” Liam said and that would be why the fans call him ‘daddy directioner`.  Then I gasped and the boys seemed to get it at the same moment about how rude we had been to the girls at the table so we quickly got up and rushed back into the canteen.

Emery’s P.O.V

Wow so now he decides to take Liam and Harry out too. Something must be going on. In an attempt to stop worrying about it I turn to Grace “So what’s going on with you and Harry?” I ask wanting all the details. “Well I don’t know I think he was trying to tell me something before Niall came in and took him away.”  “Hey girls” said a voice I hadn’t heard in forever I turned to see Kayla. “Kayla it is so good to see you how was Florida” I ask really happy to see her she had been in Florida looking at colleges to attend because she was technically done with school.  “It was amazing” She admitted “and who is this?” she asked turning to Ginny. “Hi I’m Ginny I transferred here a couple months ago” Ginny replied. “Well it’s nice to meet you Ginny I’m Kayla”. Just then Niall, Liam, and Harry came running up to our able out of breath and spitting apologies. “Whoa calm down Niall and tell us what happened” I say reasonably. “What the heck Niall that was so incredibly rude care to explain?” Grace said to Niall not trying to hide her annoyance. That is what I love about Grace she is so honest and funny and blunt and she says the things that I never have the nerve to say

Niall’s P.O.V

“Ok, ok I know what I just did was rude and inconsiderate but I can explain” I said trying to catch my breath “It was Louis that called and he never calls unless it is important so I felt obligated to answer, he was really upset because his girlfriend Eleanor dumped him” The girls gasped “yeah she said it was a distance thing but I'm not too sure. But he was really upset so I figured I should tell the boys so they could support him too.”  I was worried that the girls would think that was no good reason to leave but instead they all asked what they could do to help. Then a girl who I hadn’t met before spoke up and said “whoa wait you’re in one direction right?” “Yeah” Harry said. “Well I’m really sorry to hear about Louis, send him my thoughts. But I really need to go catch my plane back to Florida.” Everyone then got up and gave her a hug. Then Emery got up and said she was going to throw her trash away and I got up and said that I would go with her.  After that Ginny announces that she has to go to the ladies room. Then Liam told Anna that he had to go get a new time table and asked Anna to go with her. We then all left leaving Harry and Grace alone hopefully Harry got the message that we were giving him another chance.

Grace P.O.V:

OMG everyone just got up and left leaving me and Harry alone this was bound to be awkward, he seemed quite nervous too. “Hey Grace?” he said “yeah?” I said back.

Harry’s P.O.V:

Well here goes nothing back now. “Look Grace when I saw you and your friends walk in I froze you are so beautiful and you looked like a nice person. I stood there hoping you would be assigned to show me around. Getting to know you today has only proven all of my haunches to be correct and I was wondering if you would like to go out to the cinema then to get a bite to eat after on Friday night?” Wow I think I did kind of well.

Grace P.O.V:

OMG he just asked me out, Harry Styles just asked me out!!!!!!! “Yes I would love to” I say extremely excited.  He then looked at me and grinned his cheeky grin and I blushed and smiled back.

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