The Call that Changed My Life

Hi, I am Emery Lee; I live an average life. I go to school in London, get good grades, have good friends and work hard to achieve my dream of becoming an actress. I am going to Uni next year in New York and plan study dramatic arts. This was who I was until the day I met a person that changed my life forever.


21. A Walk on the Beach

We walked down the beach hand in hand letting the water tickle our feet. We walk in silence but it isn’t awkward it is just peaceful being in each other’s company then Niall speaks up. “So I love London but it gets kind of old always being there so I have been thinking that we can get a flat that we can both live in NYC and I will keep my place in London for when we want to get out of NYC or I have work in London. What do you think, so I guess what I am trying to say is will you move in with me?”  “I would love to move in with you Nialler!” I exclaim, he leans down and kisses me softly. “So what do you want our flat to be like?” he asks me “I like a modern chik look. But I also like cozy places to.” I respond “Well since we will have 2 flats we could make one cozy and homey and the other one modern and chik” he says with a grin “Sounds perfect baby” I say pecking him on the cheek. We continue walking for a little while until we notice the dark clouds gathering on the horizon. We turn around and head back to the house. We are about 100 meters from the house when it starts pouring; I laugh and run for the house with Niall hot on my heels. By the time we get to the stretch of beach in front of the house we are both soaked to the bone. I start walking towards the porch when Niall grabs my hand and pulls me away from the porch and towards him. “What are you doing?” I ask because now we are both just standing in the rain. “Well I need to cross something off my bucket list.” He says simply before grabbing my waist, pulling me closer to him and kissing me deeply. We stay like this with the rain on our face finally we pull away and ask “so what are you crossing off of your bucket list?” He gives me a cheeky smile and says “Kissing my princess in the rain.” I smile and give him a hug and a peck on the lips before we go inside to dry off and take a shower before going to bed, ready for the big day ahead of us.

A/N Sorry for the short chapter! I had to get off the computer to do some stuff at home. Anyway thanks to all of you for reading it means a lot!!! Plz continue to comment like and favorite.

Lots of Love,


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