I Will Find You *A Tobuscus Fanfic*

24 year old Paige Runnals went missing over a year ago. Everyone has tried everything to find her, but they never could. Her room mates, Toby and Wes, fight tooth and nail to do whatever it takes to find her. Will they ever find her? Will anyone ever see her again?


6. Chapter six

 Toby's P.O.V


"Hello 9-1-1 what's your emergency?" The police officer spoke.

"I need your help now. My friend, Paige Runnals, went out shopping and she said she'd be back over an hour ago." I spoke quickly. I was scared that she wasn't ok.

"Ok, sir. What's your name, age, and phone number?" I heard some papers moving faintly in the background.

"Toby Tuner, 28 years old, 532-6714"

I started breathing louder. She didn't answer for a few seconds.

"Do you know the last place she was?"

The officer started talking faster as well.

"S-she said she was just going to the corner store to get some gum and coming in twenty minutes. She's not back.."

The officer paused. I noticed my heart beating quickly.

"I just sent out a car to go to the Store. We'll inform you about everything as soon as possible. I hope your friend is ok."

"..So do I.."

And the line went dead.

I turned around to look at Wes. He was sitting in the chair, with his knees up. He always did that when he was sad or scared. He spun around to look at me.

"So?" He gripped onto the side of the chair. I made my lips into a flat line.

"They sent a car out, let them look around." He slumped down into the seat.

"They said they'll call us as soon as possible."

Wes stood up and faced me.

"You're really just going to sit here and let other people look to see if she's ok? You're not going to go with them? Really Toby?" His voice sounded irritated. I looked down at the floor.

"It's there job, Wes.."

"Yeah, so what if it's their job? Toby I know how much you're worried right now because I feel horrible, and you probably feel ten times worse than me."

I looked back up to him. "Well, what am I supposed to do?"

Wes barely let me finish my sentence.

"You go look for her god damnit! I know you have feelings for her and I know deep down inside something's wrong, and you know it too."

My heart pounded. I didn't want anything happening to her. I pulled my hands through my hair.

"Wes... what if they get there, and she's not there?" My voice started cracking. "What if they see her car on the side of the rode all bashed up?"

I felt tears coming to my eyes.

"What if she's gone?"

I looked at Wes. He looked as if he was about to say something. But before he did, the phone rang. I ran to it and picked it up.

"Hello?" I said almost immediately.

"Sir, we need you to come to the corner store now. It's urgent."

I froze. "No, no."

The phone slipped out of my hands. I felt my legs go limp.

"Toby, what's wrong?" He walked up to me, picking up the phone.

He put it to his ear.

He paused and listened to the officer. I saw his facial expressions change quickly.

"We're on our way." And he hung up.

He looked at me. "Toby, let's go. Now."

I didn't look at him. I just started distantly through the room.

"Toby! We have to go NOW. This is not like one of our games, Toby. This is real god damnit! So get your phone and get the hell out of the house and into my car."

I nodded my head and ran to the door.

I just wanted her to be ok.

I told myself that she would be there smiling and run up to my, pulling me into one of her tight hugs, the ones I loved most.

I told myself that everything would be alright.



But I was wrong.

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