In most One Direction Fan Fictions, one of the members and the main character almost instantly click. However, Katie Tomlinson, Louis's younger sister, and Harry Styles do not Click at all. In fact, Katie thinks that Harry is a bit annoying and too cheeky.

Will they find middle grounds or..... will Katie fall for another?


2. The Awkward Smolder

As soon as Louis and I opened the hotel room door I heared Louis scream "We're baaaaack!!!"

I am suddenly bombarded with the 3 of the 4 other members of One Direction all of them chattering at me at once;

"Hi Katie, I'm Liam! I'm excited to meet you-"

"I'm Niall! Whats your favorite type of food?"

"I'm Zayn by the way."

"Alright, ALRIGHT!!! Settle down guys.... wheres Har-" 

"I'M HERE!!" Shouted Harry, cutting off Louis's voiced thought. Harry came bursting down the stairs while buttoning up the last button on his shirt. As he reached the bottom of the stairs he quickly composed himself, and with the flip of his brown curls he turned to me, gave me the "smolder" and said,

"Hi, I'm Harry, Harry Styles." 

I was not impressed. So I give him a look of "really?" and said, while trying to mock him "Katie, Katie Tomlinson." 

I heard Zayn, Liam, Niall and Louis snicker next to me while I watched Harry's smolder drop, quickly being replaced with a unsatisfied smirk.

"Well now, looks like we've got ourselves another Lou on our hands." Said Harry.

I immediately replied by saying "Well at least we don't have another diva on our hands." I smirked and turned toward Lou saying "I'm going to find the kitchen."

I then turned on my heel and walked the opposite direction of the boys, hearing their stifled giggles and snickers.

I then heard Niall running to catch up with me and saying,

"I'll take ya to the kitchen Katie, I'm starving myself."

I turned toward him whiling smiling and said "Thanks Niall, I really appreciate it." I lowered my voice, making sure that nobody else could hear and said "Now what was up with Harry just now?"

I huge boyish grin broke out on Niall's face when he said "It was a bet." 

Suddenly confused I said "What do you mean 'it was a bet?"

"Well," Niall said as we entered the kitchen, "when we found that you were coming to meet us in New York, Harry was being very egotistical."

He opened up the fridge and said "Harry bet to Louis that he could get any girl he wanted to, and that every girl ever would just throw themselves at him. Louis said that you would never do that and Harry decided to make a bet with him and said that within the two weeks that you're here, he'd get you to make out with him." 

Disgusted I said "First of all; ewww! And second; how does that explain the whole 'Flynn Rider' act just now?" 

Niall just shrugged as he took out some milk to make some cereal for himself and I.

"Why don't you go ask him Katie."


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