In most One Direction Fan Fictions, one of the members and the main character almost instantly click. However, Katie Tomlinson, Louis's younger sister, and Harry Styles do not Click at all. In fact, Katie thinks that Harry is a bit annoying and too cheeky.

Will they find middle grounds or..... will Katie fall for another?


6. Lazer Tag

When we reached the lazer tag studio we all rushed inside because it had started to rain. I shook the rain from my hoodie as I walked in and immediately noticed all of the people around us. I knew that it was a rainy saturday afternoon, but dang, there were more people at the lazer tag studio than bees in a small honey hive. Zayn went and got us our tickets and said that we were going to be called in 20 minutes. 

I walked into the arcade room with Niall while listening to the general hum of lots of people talking. I turned to him and asked him if he wanted to play some arcade games with me. 

"Alright." Said Niall while shrugging. "Which game do you want to play?" 

I looked around, spotted a Jurassic Park shooting game and pointed to it. Niall nodded and we headed to the game in silence. 

We played and had a fun five minutes of laughing and teasing, with me ultimately winning the game. I was getting more and more attracted to him by the minute and I noticed that something clicked between us. Or so it seemed until I spotted Harry flirting it up with a couple of girls. 

I was immediately hit with this wave of jealousy. 'What is wrong with you Katie? You don't even have a crush on him!' I thought. I eventually shrugged it off and walked over to Louis and Zayn playing ping-pong, while Liam was keeping score, with Niall. 

"Who's winning?" I asked. 

Zayn proudly proclaimed "I am!" While lifting his ping-pong paddle up in the air like a sword. Niall and I laughed and then I said, "Well, I need to go to the bathroom! Tell me who wins when I get back!" I said while jogging to the women's restroom. 

As I entered the woman's restroom, I noticed the two girls Harry was flirting with were in there talking about him. One girl was tall and had a large nose whereas the other one had long blonde hair and a mole on her chin. I could see why Harry was flirting with them, they where gorgeous. As soon as I saw them jealousy and hatred flared out from inside of me, seemingly out of nowhere. I internally scolded myself and went into the stalls. 

As I was sitting in the stalls I listened to their conversation. 

"Harry is just super cute! Didn't he and I just clicked while we were out there flirting!?" Said the big nosed one.

"Oh yea, totally! And I really hope that he can introduce me to the blonde one, Niall right?" Said the one with the mole. 

"Oh my gosh! When Harry and I hook up, I will set you up with Horan and then you and I can go on group dates together!" The large nosed girl replied.

While hearing this conversation I grew more and more hate for those two girls. I wanted to go up to them and tell them to just shut up. However, I calmed myself down and told myself that I didn't even like Harry and that Niall has control of who he dates. I exited the stall, newly relieved and washed my hands, not even glancing at the two girls.

As I walked to the rest of the guys I heard a intercom call our group. I walked in between Horan and Payne as we walked to the briefing station, energetic with excitement.

As I walked into the briefing station I saw the two girls from the bathroom walking in in-front of us. I smirked I decided that I was going to kick their butts while we played lazer tag. 

A young man, who look a little older than me got up and started to explain the rules. There was about thirty young adults in the room, two thirds male and a third female. After he finished we suited up in our jackets and grabbed our guns and rushed into the lazer tag room. We had three minutes to prepare ourselves for an everybody against everybody lazer tag war. 

When I first entered I was surprised by just how big the room was. It was dark and was like huge maze, with lazers and lights flashing around. I noticed that there was four decently sized towers in each corner with a massive tower in the center of the room. The entire room was knights and dragons themed. 

With 2 minutes left to find a place to start, I ran around and started to form a strategy. I realized that I needed to get to one of the four tower's, particularly the farthest one, so I started to run rather fast for it being so dark. I heard somebody shout what sounded like my name so I whipped my head around and 'BAM!' I slammed chest to chest into somebody and fell down on top of them. 

"Oh! I'm so sorry!" I said as I began to lift my chest off of him, not looking at the mystery man to hide my embarrassed blush.

"Ouch! Love, why wer-" He suddenly stops talking when I finally turn my head to find my face less than an inch away with Harry Styles's face. Before my brain even registers that this is a man I don't particularly like, I stare at him dumbfound. Yes, I have been this close to Harry before, but I was prepared and in control. This was something that I was not prepared for, and I had know idea how to react. Harry, in return doesn't seem to know what to do either.

So, we just stayed there. An inch away from each other, studying each others features. He stares at me like I am a puzzle he is craving to solve, and I stare at him the same way in return. Right then, he wasn't the cheeky annoying selfish Harry Styles. He was the confusing, dumbfoundingly handsome Harry Styles that I was actually happy to be so close to.

However, reality hit me when I heard the thirty second countdown. All of my social instincts screamed at me to get off of Harry, but I just didn't budge. 

"Oh uh, sorry Harry." I said while trying to get up. Harry then grabbed my waist with his left hand, causing me to nearly shiver and said, "Don't be Katie. Its totally fine."  

Finally feeling like my playful self again I smile and just say, "Oh, you must of misunderstood me Styles, I am not saying sorry for falling on you. I am saying sorry for this." Immediately after I say that, the thirty second countdown is over and my gun lights up. I then shoot him in the chest, get off of him, then run away, giggling like a school girl the entire time.


After shaking off that previous fiasco, I start to get in the middle of the lazer-tag action. I love lazer-tag, and I am very good according to Louis, so I am shooting people left and right.

I turn a corner and then see the two girls, playfully trying to shoot Harry while he is not looking. A rush of anger hits me as I get an idea. I climb a wall where two corners meet. I then prop myself on the corner so that I can see the two girls, but they cant see me.

I then precede to shoot the crap out of those two. As I am shooting them, I can see their frustration grow as they realize they keep getting shot. It starts to get more and more hilarious until I am laughing my head off while watching these girls nearly throw their guns on the floor. 

I continue for the rest of the time available to shoot and climb down when my gun turns off. As I am climbing down the wall the two girls see me and rush up to me. 

"What the heck you jerk! What is your problem!" Said the large nosed girl. 

"Yeah, what the heck did we ever do to you?" Said the blonde girl. 

I shrug and say, "The world may never know." 

The bonde girl is about to shove me when the large nosed girl stops her by the shoulder and says, "We have got better things to do than deal with this immature 12 year old. Harry Styles is right over there and I need to get his phone number by tonight if our double date plan is ever going to work." 

Before, they ran off to go find Harry, I say something I would in the near future deeply regret. "You're not going to get his number."

"Why is that?" Said the large nosed one, turning to look at me.

"Because," I say staring directly at her eyes, "He has a girlfriend."


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