In most One Direction Fan Fictions, one of the members and the main character almost instantly click. However, Katie Tomlinson, Louis's younger sister, and Harry Styles do not Click at all. In fact, Katie thinks that Harry is a bit annoying and too cheeky.

Will they find middle grounds or..... will Katie fall for another?


5. 1D's Popularity

I woke up the next morning with Louis screaming behind my closed door. "The sky's awake, so I'm awake, so we have to PLAYYYY!"

I laughed and got out of my bed and yelled back "I will be out there in 5 minutes 'Anna!"

Louis sung back "Okay bye!"

I laughed and then headed to the bathroom. I checked in the mirror just to wipe off the dried drool on my chin and then went to the bathroom. I will get ready later, but for now I wanted to just go and eat.

I walked out the door and enter the living room, just to be greeted by a sleepy Liam scrolling through his twitter feed on his phone.

"Hey Liam!" I said a little too cheery for how tired I felt. 

"Oh, hey Katie." Said Liam while rubbing his eye.

Curiously I said, "What are you doing Mr. Liam Payne?"

Liam just shrugged and said, "Just updating my status on Twitter." I nodded and then he asked nonchalantly, "Do you want to take a picture with me Katie?"

"Sure!" I said and flopped down on the couch next to Liam. 

"Alright!" Said Liam, "Lets take a selfie for my followers on twitter! I want to let the whole world know that Katie is one of my BEST friends!"

We then took a couple of semi-awkward semi-cute selfies together, laughing the entire time. Liam then posted it on twitter with saying;

"spendin me mornin with @KatieTommo who is like a little sista to me (even tho we met yesterday)! dont we look cute? Hahahaha!"

I talked and laughed with Liam until I could hear my stomach growl until I could hear my stomach growl. I then went into the kitchen to make myself some breakfast.

As I popped the toast into the toaster I heard Louis walk in.

"So what are we going to today Lou Bear?" I questioned him.

"Well, I was thinking we could go play some lazer tag and then go see a movie. What about you?" Asked Lou.

"Sounds awesome! As long as you're okay with me whooping your butt!" I say with a smirk.

"In your dreams!" Says Louis.

I laugh and then say, "Whatever, when are we leaving?"

"As soon as everybody is ready!" Replies Louis, taking a drink of his orange juice that he had earlier.

"Well, then I guess I need to go get ready then." I state as I finish eating my breakfast and the head upstairs.


It takes some time to get everybody ready, but once we do everybody piles into the van and chatters excitedly. 

As we drive to the lazer tag studio I scroll through my twitter feed, suddenly noticing how many more followers I have gained since last night. 

I smirk as I realize just how popular One Direction is.


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