Beside You

Teenager Angela Jackson also known as Angie, has had a really rough life. After the death of her beloved mother, Angie's dad becomes and alcoholic so Angie and her brother Conner run off to the UK to get away. Angie has major confidence issues and never thinks shes good enough until Angie meets Harry and a blonde headed Irish boy who will change her prospective of everything.


7. Date

Harry ended up taking me to a really fancy restaurant. I looked at Harry and his dimples were still showing. He hadn't stopped smiling from when Conner had answered the door. Immediately we got sat at a table with a nice view of the lake next to the restaurant. The table had a red cloth over it with a candle on the table. I noticed the table was separated away from the rest of the tables there. Harry pulled out the chair and let me sit down and he sat down right across from me. He continued to smile which made me smile. 'I love their steak here. So that's what I ordered for us' I nodded in agreement. I love steak. My mom used to make it all the time before she died. We were having a nice conversation about his family since I really didn't want to talk about mine. His family seemed so nice and traditional. They spent a lot of time together from what I understood. A few minutes later our steaks came. We finally finished our food and we paid the check. As we were heading in we saw Niall with a girl. One of the girls that threw the beer on me. Harry had his hand around my waist and my face went from a smile to a frown when I saw Niall with her. Harry stopped to talk to Niall for a bit and I awkwardly stood there with my head down. Finally Harry waved goodbye to Niall and we walked away. It was about 9 o'clock and I'm supposed to be home at 10. We sat in the car and he grabbed my hand. ' Harry, I had a wonderful time with you tonight.' he agreed and pulled out of the parking lot of the restaurant. 'Angie?' I looked at him waiting for him to continue. ' I've been waiting to ask you this because I wanted to get to know you more. But will you be my girlfriend?' I smiled and said yes. We pulled up to my house and Conner wasn't home. I looked at my phone to see if he had texted me and sure enough there was a text from him. ' Hey I left for the night I'll be home tomorrow afternoon' I asked Harry if he wanted to stay the night and he agreed. It was the perfect way to end a perfect date.
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