Beside You

Teenager Angela Jackson also known as Angie, has had a really rough life. After the death of her beloved mother, Angie's dad becomes and alcoholic so Angie and her brother Conner run off to the UK to get away. Angie has major confidence issues and never thinks shes good enough until Angie meets Harry and a blonde headed Irish boy who will change her prospective of everything.


11. Care.

Niall rushed me to the car. I sat there and I watched Harry walk out of the theater hand in hand with the one girl. I looked down at my phone and saw Chloe called me about 10 times. I called her back while waiting for Niall in the car. ' Hey Chlo, you called?' 'Yeah. Uhm your dad knows where you and Conner are. He coming to get you guys.' I quickly hung up after she said that. I ran to go find Niall and there he was. Yelling at Harry and the girl while Zayn tried holding Niall back. I stopped dead in my tracks but then decided to run up and interrupt. ' Niall. Niall! I need to get home. Now. Its an emergency.' Niall calmed down and as he was walking away shot Harry dagger eyes. Niall sped me home. I ran up my porch and the door was locked. I tried to find the hidden key but it wasn't where we last left it. I rang the door bell. Niall right behind me. The door opened up. and there he was. My dad. I backed up a few steps. Niall had no idea what was going on but he could tell something was up by the horror in my eyes. My dad grabbed my arm and pulled me inside and tried to close the door but Niall stopped and came in right behind us. He threw me down right next to Conner on the couch, I watched as Niall crept up behind my dad and smash him upside the head with a vase lying around my house I quickly got up and tried to find a phone but but dad had grabbed my leg and pulled me straight to the ground. He got close to my face and he smelt like straight alcohol. I cringed at the smell of him. His bloodshot eyes. What happened to him? Niall was knocked out against the wall. Conner got up and tried to face our dad one on one. Again I got up and ran into our kitchen to find the phone. But was followed right behind by dad. He slammed me up against the wall and I tried to reach the phone. My dad then pulled a knife and I screamed and screamed for help. Then someone I didn't expect to see. Harry. He had the police with him. But before I could say anything to him. I felt a sharp pain right in my stomach. I looked down and there was a knife right above my belly button and blood flooding out of my stomach. The police carried my dad away. He was gone. Harry ran right by my side but I really didn't want to see him at the moment. He tried to kiss me and I rejected him. I just wanted Niall.
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