Brother or Bestfriend

Rebecca and her two best friends Mackenzie and Paige All go and live With Rebeccas Brother Louis Tomilson after a tradgedy and there she will sufer heart breack,Love and drama


2. Another day at school

   Rebeeca's POV

 I got up to get ready for school i brushed my long light brown hair and put it in a messy bun.i put on pink eye shadow and baby lipstick.i put on a pair of purple skinny jeans and a red shirt and walked out my front door.Once i got to school Mackenzie(Mac)and paige came over to me

  "Hey Becca"the called "Hey Mac hey Paige"i said "We have cheer practice today"paige said "I know"i said.Paige has Mid back legth Bleach blonde hair and sparkiling green eyes and Mac had Just past the shoulders red hair and Dark brown eyes she was also very pretty.

  I was very popular at my school because of my brother Louis Tomilson and Mac and Paige are popular because well they are my best friends and well paige is head cheerleader and im backup then its Mac"So what do you guys have first"Paige asked"Math"we both said at the same time "oh so im gonna be left in a room with Summer"She said frowning "i guess so"i said.Summer was the one girl in the school who really really hated us she once thretened to kill us she has long dirty blonde hair and crystal blue eyes and she tried out for head cheerleader but me paige and Mac all beat her.

 First me and Mac went to math then all of us had Gym and then me and Paige had Health then all of us had lunch then all of us had Eniglish then we all had Music.After school i decided to go home and my eyes almost poped out of my head when i seen my brother and his friends in my living room"Why are you here"i asked jumping in to Louis arms"Ummm mom and dad died"he said.


       Sorry for the short chapter guys but i reallyu am tiered so ya and poor Rebecca and Louis they are probaly really sad i wouldent want to be in there poision anyway big shout out to Hayley my step sister go check out her books please anyway love you my little duckies

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