Summer Love

Aria never believed in Summer romance. She always thought that it was something that only happened in fairytales, and would never happen with her, but will summer 09 change the way she felt?


1. The reason I like England


It was almost a year after my dad's death, and my mom had just gotten her job transferred to England. After my mom had given me the news, she could clearly see the change in my mood. She tried to make me feel better by telling me that it would be fun, and that I could even have some kind of summer fling. Yes, it does sound all fun and games to move to another country and find true love, but I wasn't one of those teens who believed in summer romances. Sappy stuff like that just seemed fake. Like it only ever happens in fairytale movies where the princess gets the prince. Ok, so I'm not gonna lie, it did seem kind of cool.. but I never thought it would happen with me.


Aria's P.O.V

There I was, sitting in my new room, on a pile of boxes filled with all my things. I sat, staring out the window of the rundown apartment that smelt like fresh lavender which covered the true smell of the building. Dust, dirt, and mold. While I sat and stared out the window that overlooked the busy streets of London, I counted the days until summer was over and I could go back home to Florida.

"Hey, Ari. What are you doing? We have a lot of work to do. Get unpacking!" I hear my mom say from the doorway across the room. Her commanding voice rung in my head, but my body just didn't move, because I didn't want to unpack. All I wanted to do was hang out by the pool with my friends back home.

"..K.." was all I could say. The next thing I hear is my mom sigh, and her footsteps coming closer.

"Look, sweetie, I know that you'd rather be back at home with your friends instead of be here in London, but it's only for the summer. Soon you'll be back in Miami, but until then, please try to have fun. Infact, why don't you go take a walk and look around the area? I saw some cool shops down the block on the way here."

"Ok... fine.." I reply, inhaling deeply. I got up off the boxes and walked out the building. I started to look around for those "cool shops" my mom had told me about, when I accidentally bumped into someone."Sorry! I guess I wasn't really paying attention to where I was going!"

"Oh, it's totally cool! I'm a bit clumsy myself!" The blonde haired guy, with dark shades on said chuckling, then continued to walk down the street. Wait, he looked awfully familiar. And that accent, where have I heard it before?


The next day, I woke up to the bright shinning sun in my eyes, and the sound of busy street walkers outside of my porch door. I got up, took a shower and brushed my teeth, then got out some clothes from the top of the big pile of clothes I still needed to put away. After that I went to go get some food, but since we didn't have any food yet, I had to find a nearby restaurant. I once again, walked out the building and started walking down the same street that I had walked down yesterday. I remembered seeing a Starbucks on that street.

I had ordered an iced tea and a sandwich and was going to go sit down, but apparently this Starbucks is really popular, because just about every seat was taken. I looked all around for what seemed like the longest time, until I finally found an open chair. 

"Hey, sorry, but do you mind if I sit here? This place is so filled up that this was the only open chair I saw." I explained to the guy sitting there.

"No problem! I totally understand! This place is always really crowded." The same thick Irish accent from yesterday said."Uh, hey.. have we met before? I feel like I've seen you somewhere before.

"I think so.. Did we bump into each other yesterday on the streets?"

"Yes! That's where I saw you! I knew I recognized you from somewhere!" After that we were both quietly doing our own things, until I heard a small chuckle come from him. 

"What?" I say looking up at him.

"It's just kinda funny how we bumped into each other twice."

"Yeah, I guess it is.. but, hey. Are you like famous or something cause I've seen you before, and not just because of yesterday."

"Haha! Yeah, actually. I'm Niall Horan from One direction." My eyes widened.

"Oh my gosh, I can't believe that didn't hit me! I feel incredibly stupid!" 

"Don't feel bad! I didn't completely remember you."

"Yeah, but I'm not famous.."

"I know. But you are pretty.." After that, we started talking, and once one of us had to go, we gave each other our numbers, and texted everyday. It felt so nice to finally have a reason to like England.



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