wait siblings ??!??!?!

Tessie is 5, and Starleen is 15. They were never told their last name and the only thing they know about their parents are that they died when Starleen was 5. They have been living with their Aunt for awhile, and are starting to seek adventure. Tessie is obsessed with 'One direction', and Starleen could careless, but one day their aunt tells them something they wouldn't even believe in a dream. she tells them that " Louis Tomlinson is their brother." Tessie is so happy, but Starleen is upset. When their aunt gets sick they have to go live with Louis and his band who they never even met before. Will things work out good? Will Louis be happy with his new found family members ? Will secrets come out? find out.


1. what??!?!??!

Tessie's P.O.V

"Wait what!" I heard Starleen, my sister, yell from downstairs. I quickly rushed to see Star and Aunt Marie. I ran over to and stood next to Star. I call her Star as a nickname.


"What's going on?" I asked confused.

"Well, you explain to Tessie." Star hollered to aunt Marie, crossing her petite and delicate arms.

"Well," Aunt Marie trailed out "I'm getting very sick and I don't want you to see me like this" she paused "I'm leaving you to your brother until I get better." 

"Wait we have a brother?! What's his name?!" questioned excitedly.

"Louis Tomlinson." Aunt Marie stated.

"Oh... My... God. Louis Tomlinson is our brother!" I gleamed and half-yelled.

"Who the heck is Louis Tomlinson" Star broke in.

"He's a member of One Direction!" I screamed.

Star looked disappointed. I looked at her eyes. Her green eyes had a hint of blue in them. Mine did the same thing.


"Wait! When are we leaving?" I asked.

"Sweetie, you guys are leaving tomorrow." Aunt Marie said.

Star jumped up in surprise. Her mouth was open in disbelief. She turned around and grabbed her suitcase then marched upstairs to her room. I jumped up and down. I am so happy my name is 'Tessie Tyler Tomlinson". I guess our parents liked T names. 


"Tess go pack" Aunt Marie said.

I grabbed my suitcase and ran to my room. I packed all the clothes I had and I packed ' Dilly ' my stuffed bear. I was so happy. then my door busted open. I looked and It was Star.

" let me see a picture of Louis Tomlin..sot... or what ever his name is " she demanded

" its Tomlinson" I corrected

 I got my poster from the closet and put it on the bed. Her mouth dropped when she saw him.

" holy craping cow he's hot" she blurted out

" well you cant hit on him he's our broder" I say and smirk

She rolled her eyes and walked out. I put the poster in my bag. I jumped in bed and fell asleep. I was so excited for tomorrow.


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