wait siblings ??!??!?!

Tessie is 5, and Starleen is 15. They were never told their last name and the only thing they know about their parents are that they died when Starleen was 5. They have been living with their Aunt for awhile, and are starting to seek adventure. Tessie is obsessed with 'One direction', and Starleen could careless, but one day their aunt tells them something they wouldn't even believe in a dream. she tells them that " Louis Tomlinson is their brother." Tessie is so happy, but Starleen is upset. When their aunt gets sick they have to go live with Louis and his band who they never even met before. Will things work out good? Will Louis be happy with his new found family members ? Will secrets come out? find out.


2. omg omg omg

Louis' POV

I was watching T.V with the guys when my cell phone rings. i answer it.


" Yello." I say

" Lou is that you!" says a familiar voice

" in the flesh and blood but may I ask who's speaking? " I question

" its me aunt Marie" she says

" omg i haven't seen you in like 8 years, so what's happening " i say

" its Vas' happenin." the guys say

" oh well listen Lou i've been keeping a secret from you" she announced

" oh well what is " I ask worried

" calm down Lou its just well.." she pauses " you have.. two..... umm....  little sisters" she states

when she said that I was drinking and when she said " two sisters" i spit the water out off my mouth.

" wait what" I chocked

" yes, Lou its true and your going to take care of them" she demanded

this was all happening so fast. i never even knew i had any sisters let alone two. oh gosh i don't know what to say.

" i cant i have concerts to play and things" I groaned

" your mother would want you to watch them its ether they go to you or the orphanage " she protested

" ok fine ill pick them up tomorrow text me your address bye" i said in defeat and hung up

oh great kids i don't even know that's going to be fun. take note on the sarcasm. the guys all looked at me with confused looks on their faces. 

" what's wrong Lou" Liam asked.

" starting tomorrow my sisters are living with us " i say and stand up, and walk to my room. i lay in my bed and fall asleep.

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