wait siblings ??!??!?!

Tessie is 5, and Starleen is 15. They were never told their last name and the only thing they know about their parents are that they died when Starleen was 5. They have been living with their Aunt for awhile, and are starting to seek adventure. Tessie is obsessed with 'One direction', and Starleen could careless, but one day their aunt tells them something they wouldn't even believe in a dream. she tells them that " Louis Tomlinson is their brother." Tessie is so happy, but Starleen is upset. When their aunt gets sick they have to go live with Louis and his band who they never even met before. Will things work out good? Will Louis be happy with his new found family members ? Will secrets come out? find out.


3. oh great !! :|

Louis' POV

I woke up and got dressed the guys were still asleep so I didn't disturb them. I grabbed my keys from the table and walked outside and got into the car. I drove to the address that aunt Marie gave me. then, I pulled into the drive way and got out of the car. As soon as I was about to Knock, the door swung open. Standing there was a little girl with a huge smile on her face.


" Star, Louis is here" she called to im guessing who ever Star is.

Aunt Marie walked up to me and gave me a huge, big bear hug.

 "Aunt Marie how come you didn't tell me I had two sisters " I questioned her

I looked into her brown eye's. Sadness, Hope, Loneliness, and Sorrow was written in them. she looked into my eyes.

" remember your mom was sick so she had you live with me, Well your dad apparently didn't tell you that you had a little sister, I didn't know he didn't tell you, but then your mom died a couple of years latter and your dad found out she had a baby in her stomach, your sisters lived with your dad and you lived with me, and then you got into music and left me, Then your dad left and your sisters came with me" she stated

"I don't understand but I have to go" I announced  

The kids got their bags and but them in the car. It was a very quiet ride home. We got to the house and got out.

" Well, this is your new home, Im 'Louis William Tomlinson' im 21 " I said braking the silence

" Im so glad to meet you oh and im 'Tessie Tyler Tomlinson' im 5" Tessie informed me

I laughed at all the T's in her name. wow, that's a very unusual name.

" Im annoyed " Star broke in

" she's Starleen Jones Tomlinson she's 15 " Tessie corrected.

 I opened the door and they walked in. The guys were standing there with smiles on their faces. I mean I love kids but I don't want to take care of any.

" oh hi im Tessie " Tess said to the guys

" hello im ' Niall Horan " Niall chimed

Niall ran to Tess and picked her up. well I know who's going to be best friends know.

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