wait siblings ??!??!?!

Tessie is 5, and Starleen is 15. They were never told their last name and the only thing they know about their parents are that they died when Starleen was 5. They have been living with their Aunt for awhile, and are starting to seek adventure. Tessie is obsessed with 'One direction', and Starleen could careless, but one day their aunt tells them something they wouldn't even believe in a dream. she tells them that " Louis Tomlinson is their brother." Tessie is so happy, but Starleen is upset. When their aunt gets sick they have to go live with Louis and his band who they never even met before. Will things work out good? Will Louis be happy with his new found family members ? Will secrets come out? find out.


6. bad boy with a good heart

Star's POV

I was sitting on the bed in my ' NEW ' bed room. I heard the door creak open. I look up and seen Zayn. He sat next to me.

" you okay I heard what Lou did " he questioned concerned

" yah im fine" I lied

" so lets get to know each other whens your birthday" he asked me

" umm holy crap I forgot its this weekend ima be 16" I informed him

" oh really cool" he replied

" um I should get to bed" I confessed and blushed for some reason

" oh yah um bye " he said obviously very surprised I blushed

He walked out and I turned out the light. " man, he is hot, omg, omg ,omg I wanna kiss him" I thought.


Zayn's POV

I walked out man she's beautiful. I guess I was blushing cause when I walked into the dinning room with the guys they noticed.

" why you blushing......uh oh Zayn's got a crush" Niall said

" be quit Niall" I said

we all went to bed. me and Niall share a room so he followed me up. I sat on my bed and he on his.

" listen Zayn I got a crush on Star two" he confessed

I nearly chocked.

" wait what " I questioned surprised

" yah and Harry does two I mean her eyes are a beautiful green color" he told me while day dreaming

I threw my pillow at him the turn off the lights and fell asleep.

A/N what team you think would be the cutest. Zar = Zayn + Star, Nar= Niall+ Star, or Har = Harry + Star. tell me what you think u can always switch teams.

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