Wow... -Damon Fizzy Fan-Fic- *Completed*

*Completed* Rachel was on YouTube one day and came across a guy... Damon Fizzy. She soon wins a contest to get free tickets to a meet and greet with him... Wow! And included in the contest she gets to be in video with him... How will this all turn out?


21. The Fight...

The Fight...

Damon's POV

She stands up.

"First things first, why were you looking through my things?" She asks.

"Oh do not try to make this seem like it's my fault." I say.

"I'm not. You just have some things that are mine and I didn't give them to you so you must've gone through my things and found them." Rachel says.

"Wow it almost sounds like you're trying to make this my fault." I say.

"I'm not I'm just wondering." She says.

"And I'm just wondering how you can be pregnant and it not cross your mind to I don't know, tell me!" I yell.

"Who said it was mine? Maybe it's Cassy's." She says.

"Rachel it was in your things!" I yell throwing them on the ground.

"Oh are we yelling and throwing things around now!?" She yells.

"Yeah we are!" I yell.

"Ugh!" She grabs her iPod and starts to listen to music but I rip the ear buds out.

"Damon I was listening to that!" She yells.

"We're still talking about this!" I yell.

"About what you going through my stuff!?" She asks.

"No about you being pregnant and not thinking of telling the father!" I yell.

"Who ever said it was mine? Who ever said you were the father?" She asks.

"Rachel Underwood are you cheating on me?" I ask.

"I never said I was stop assuming things." She says.

"Wait I'm confused." I say.

"Okay let me catch you up. You went through my stuff, found a pregnancy test that was positive, that could or could not be mine and you could or could not be that father. You just go and assume things!" She yells.

"Wow, are we fighting two weeks before our wedding?!" I ask.

"Was that a question or were you just yelling at me?" She asks.

"I don't know a question." I say.

"Well, then I guess we are." She says, "Because you have to snoop through my things." She adds.

"Oh my gosh! Rachel, if you're pregnant, then I should know because I should be the only person you're doing anything like that with." I say.

"Who ever said it was mine? Who said we weren't an open relationship?" She asks.

"What the hell? Are we open?" I ask.

"Well, no, but that's never been clarified." She says.

"Well now it is!" I yell.

"Wait we're supposed to be talking about how you're pregnant not about if we're open or not." I say.

"Who said it was mine?" She asks.

"Holy tits stop asking that question!" I yell.

"I will once you answer it... And also this one why were you going through my stuff?" She asks.

"I wasn't. I laid on your side of the bed and found them. I pulled a peace tea out from under our bed and I found the test." I say.

"Two questions, one, why were you on my side of the bed? Two, why were you drinking my peace tea?" She asks.

"Ugh! Enough with the questions!" I yell.

"Well start giving answers Damon!" She yells.

"Shouldn't you be answering the question, why didn't you tell me you're pregnant? Or at least had a pregnancy scare?" I ask.

"Who on Earth told you that I was pregnant and that the test was mine?"

"Why on Earth do you keep asking the same question?!"

"Because I'm not getting an answer am I?" She asks.

"Oh dear Jesus another question?"

"Yeah. See I can answer questions." She says.

"Okay then answer these ones, why on Earth do you have a hidden pregnancy test and you didn't tell me? Are you pregnant? Is this your test? And, if it isn't who's is it and why the hell is it in our bedroom hidden?!" I yell.

"Because I told her to hide them." Kendra says walking in, "No she's not pregnant. No it's not her test. and I told her to hide it because she's the best at hiding things, well the best that lives here and the only person that knows that... That test is mine." Kendra says. Damon looks in shock. She walks over and picks up the magazine and the test and walks out of the room without saying another word.

A/N Sorry it's kinda short... I had more written but I chose not to have that because it would kinda mess up the rest of my plans for the book... So I hope you're just as satisfied as I am that Rachel is not pregnant, but also wonder who is the father of Kendra's baby... Well I guess I kinda know who the father is... But you guys don't so, you, might, kinda, be, wondering, that... Wow that was way too many commas... I don't even like commas that's why I always use ... but I'm going to enter a writing contest where I will have to use commas so I'm using them less. Wow this is a long authors note and I'm sure 99.9% of the readers didn't read this whole thing, so yeah. Wow look this is making the chapter longer. I could just make a conversation like this... Ignoring the fact I'm kinda talking to myself. Well I'm off the topic of the book darn A.D.D. Well here's a challenge if you read this whole thing then try to say Irish Wrist Watch. It's hard huh? If you did it then comment below and who knows you might just win something, but who ever said you would, but who said you wouldn't... I would try then comment that I did to see if I win something or not :) Try it. I triple dog dare you 3:)

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