Wow... -Damon Fizzy Fan-Fic- *Completed*

*Completed* Rachel was on YouTube one day and came across a guy... Damon Fizzy. She soon wins a contest to get free tickets to a meet and greet with him... Wow! And included in the contest she gets to be in video with him... How will this all turn out?


24. Katie <3

A/N BTW Katie is a main person in this story now. Rachel is taken out no more POV's from her for a long time... So get use to seeing Katie's POV :)

Katie <3

Damon's POV

Something happened that night... I don know what it was but, I can't stop thinking about her. It's like Katie Katie Katie! Every once and a while a Rachel will pop up in there but not as often.

"Damon?" Katie asks waking up.

"Yeah?" I ask laying back down next to her.

"Are you thinking about Rachel?" She asks.

"Kinda, but I'm mainly thinking about you." I say. She smiles. I kiss her.

"Wanna come back to L.A with me?" She asks.

"I would love to." I say "When we get there, I'll buy you dinner." I say.

"As like a date?" She asks sitting up.

"Only if you want it to be a date." I say sitting up. She kisses me.

"Of course I want it to be a date." She whispers.

Her flight left today, I left everything at Rachel's because, if she's there, it would be awkward... But you know we could get bac- No Damon, you only want to be with Katie.

We got on the plane. Our fingers interlocked.

She falls asleep on my shoulder on the plane. I kiss the top of her head when we get back to L.A. She wakes up and smiles.

"Hey Damon." She whispers.

"You're going to have to get up." I say. We stand up and she kisses my cheek.

"I can't wait to see your house." She says. She starts walking off the plane. I kissed her cheek.

When I kissed her cheek she turned her head and kissed me.

When we stopped kissing someone threw an ice cream in her face.

"Datchel forever!" The girl yelled. She ran away.

"What a way to start a relationship." She mumbles trying to wipe it off. I pull a napkin out of my pocket and I wipe her face with it.

"Thanks." She whispers.

"No problem. You okay?" I ask.

"No, whatever I do I'll always live in Rachel's shadow. Sorry no Datchels shadow." She says sitting on a bench.

"Katie you're the only one I want to be with right now." I whisper.

"Really?" She asks. I kiss her cheek.


A/N Sorry it's short but I think it got the point across right? Okay.

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