Your Little Things

One Direction Fan Fiction movella. Hope you like it :)


1. First Day

Its the first day at a new school in a new town. I know nobody. My name is Jordyn and I'm a Senior in high school. I just moved to a little town called Mulligar in Ireland. I moved from the USA because my mom died so now I live with my grandma here. I'm scared to death. I don't know how Irish people are or what they like. For all I know I couldn't make a single friend my entire senior year. I walk into my first class, Algebra 3. Ugh! I hate algebra. But right as I look up I see this boy with blonde hair and gorgeous blue eyes. Then he smiles at me. Oh that smile... Wait just play it cool smile back and walk on. When I sit down in my seat I can't stop thinking about that boy. How beautiful blue his eyes were, the brightness of his blonde hair and his smile, so white and straight. He's perfect. As the teacher walks in she notices me and says, "You must be the transfer stupid from the US, please come up front so that I can introduce you." I walk up to the front of the class all eyes on me. "My name is Mrs. Campbell. she begins "Would you please tell us your name?" I look out into the class. I notice the blonde haired blue eyed boy isn't looking at me he's eating a granola bar, and doodling, what looks like words to a song. "My name is Jordyn." I finally say. "Splended!" she says "We are happy to have you here with us. Now please go sit back in your seat so that we may begin class." I walk back to my seat. I can barely pay any attention to what Mrs. Campbell is saying. I cant stop looking at the blonde haired blue eyed boy 2 seats in front of me. I guess the girl next to me noticed my staring because then she said, "His name is Niall, he's a song writer, and you have no chance with him." I looked at her funny as to be like excuse me. "Why are you so sure about that?" I say. she replies "He hasn't dated anyone since his last breakup 2 years ago. He dated a girl named Sarah and she broke his heart badly. He wont date anyone. He says he needs some time to find someone better than Sarah, and I guess he hasn't found that girl yet." I say "Thanks for the input. What's your name?" Her reply was "I'm Sarah, Sarah Campbell"

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