Your Little Things

One Direction Fan Fiction movella. Hope you like it :)


6. Crazy Kids

As I reached the car Josh unlocked the car so we could get in. "Jordyn your riding shotgun next to Josh" Sarah said. I got in the passenger seat next to Josh and Sarah got in the back. "Hi Jordyn you look rather ravishing tonight." said Josh. I almost blushed but I didn't. He was a lot cuter than I  thought he was from a distance, with his black hair and big brown eyes and perfect smile, he could melt any girl. "Thanks." I replied. "Ready to have a wild time?" He said "Hells yeah!" I replied like an idiot. We took off driving to Niall's party. We sat there making small talk for about 15 minutes before we finally reached a nice looking house with a lot of cars parked by it. You could hear the music blaring from the outside. Thank god they lived in the woods. We got out of the car, headed towards the door, and were greeted by Niall. "Hey! you guys made it!" he exclaimed. I felt a smile creep across my face. He looked at Sarah and said, "Greg's in the kitchen. Sarah turned to me and said "Have fun I'm going to see Greg." She turned around and headed towards the kitchen. Josh went with her. Funny, I thought he wanted to be my date. "Well, come in silly and party." Niall said. I smiled. "Kay" I said. I walked into the party scene and saw people grinding and making out, pretty everyone had a drink in their hand. Guess I better start drinking. I started towards the kitchen when Niall stopped me and said "Can I get you a drink?" I felt kinda weird. It's like he read my mind or something. "Sounds good." I said. He led my into the kitchen. Exactly where I was heading. He poured me some red drink that looked liked fruit punch. I tasted it. It tasted kinda funny but it wasn't bad. "Thanks." I said "Your welcome" he replied flashing me that perfect smile. I turned to see Sarah kissing on who I guess was Greg and Josh talking to some jock dude over in the corner. Guess I'm on my own. "Wanna dance?" Niall asked. I looked around and replied "Sure why not?" I finished my drink and threw the cup in the trash and we headed to the living room. "We are who we are"  was playing by Kesha. Niall stood across from me and we just started doing random dance moves. It was kinda crazy, yet fun. The song changed to a slow song. "Just a kiss" by Lady Antebellum. I didn't really know what to do. But Niall reassured me by grabbing my hand and pulling me close. I put my arms around my neck and he put his hand around my waist. We swayed back and forth. I put my head on his shoulder. He rubbed my back. I felt so great. The song ended and I sat up and looked at Niall. The next song they played was "S&M" by Rihanna. Our eyes locked. He leaned in brushed my hair out of my face and kissed me straight on the mouth. Amazing. We pulled away and started kissing again. This time it was a straight up make out session. So good. Our hands started roaming. His went down to my ass and he rubbed it. I simply rubbed his back and messed with his hair. He kissed my neck and pulled me up so that my legs were around his waist. It felt so good. He started carrying me somewhere. I was expecting a bedroom. I was right. He put me down on the bed and layed on me as we made out some more. He started taking off my shirt and kissing my chest. I don't know why I was letting this. Was it because he was absolutely irresistible or was it the drink talking? Either way I loved it. As he kissed my stomach he sat up and said "I don't know if I can do this." I was confused. Then I remembered what happened last time he had sex with someone. "Its okay Niall, you can trust me." "Its not that." He said "I'm going to join a band and travel the world in a few days which is why I threw this party." I couldn't breathe. I was both completely heartbroken and shocked at the same time. I got up put my shirt on and left the room. Niall running after me yelling "Wait!" I cant believe I was so stupid. I had to find either Sarah or Josh so they could drive me home. I found Josh, kissing some dude. I almost fainted. but I ran up to him franctically and said "I need a ride home now!" "Jordyn, Its only 8." I started getting teary eyed. "Okay okay" he said "Sarah in the basement with Greg." I saw Niall coming so I bolted down the steps to the basement. Sarah was half naked and Greg was on top of her in only his boxers. Gross. "Sarah!" I shouted. She sat up and looked at me in a not now sort of way. Next thing I knew Niall was right behind me dragging me up the steps. He was too strong and I couldnt fight back.  "What?" I said "What do you want now?" "To make me think you actually like me again?" "No" He said. "Just let me explain when I drive you home."

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