Running to a New Beginning

Leigh finally made her escape from the horrible orphanage she lived in since she was five. But when she runs away, Where will she go? After all, shes only thirteen. Where will she find food? Shelter? Where will she go? What will she do?


13. Jamie

Leighs POV.

I got off the bus and got partnered up with a girl with light brown silky hair. Her hair was down and she smiled at me.

"Hey Im Jamie"


Jamie and I got along really good and I could tell were going to be friends.

Me Hadley, Vic and Jamie sat together on the bus ride back.

Today was fun I mean I love rollercoasters, So it was awesome.

Me and Jamie went on the biggest rollercoasters they had it was one of the biggest in London.

And it was Sick!

I took out my phone at one point and pressed the home button, immediatly the screen lit up.

"Is that Harry Styles?" Vic who was right beside me asked as she looked down at my phone.

I just realized that Harry put the picture of me and him as my wallpaper.

"Uhm no, thats Josh Davids?" I said trying.

She rolled her eyes "You met Harry Styles?" She asked.

"Did you just say Harry Styles?" Hadley asked standing up from behind us.

"Harry Styles?" Jamie stood up after her.

"Ok guys dont tell anyone I met Harry Styles" I gave up.

"Do you know his number?" Jamie asked anxiously.

"No" I lied.

"Give me that" Hadley asked snathcing my phone from my hands.

Jamie looked over her shoulder intently.

I looked at Vic she was looking at me with widened eyes, frozen.

"You have his number!" Hadley said.

"Guys just dont call him" I tried but it was too late, My phone was already up to Jamies ear.

"Hello?" I heard Harrys muffled voice.

I grabbed the phone "Hi Harry?" I asked.

"Yea hi Leigh whats up?"

"Uhm my friends here found out I know you and their dying to talk to to you" I said into the phone.

"Ok give me one of them" He said and I handed the phone to Vic.

"He-he-hello?" She stuttered.

"Hello love its Harry, how are you?" I heard Harry speaking.

"Good better than ever" She said.

I laughed.

Then it was handed to Jamie than Hadley than me.

"Bye Harry"

"Bye love you" He said.

"Love you too bye" And I hung up.

"Harry said he loves you?" Vic asked surprised.

"Guys Harrys my,my my....Dad" I said, and watched their expressions change into looks of complete shock.

"B-b-but h-he d-d-oesnt ha-have a kid."Hadley stuttered.

"I'm adopted" I admitted slowly.

"Oh" Jamie said silently.

"When?" Vic asked.

"Like a week ago" I replied.

"So could we like maybe meet him?" Jamie asked her eyes wide and her mouth forming into a smile.



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