Running to a New Beginning

Leigh finally made her escape from the horrible orphanage she lived in since she was five. But when she runs away, Where will she go? After all, shes only thirteen. Where will she find food? Shelter? Where will she go? What will she do?


8. Harry

Leighs POV.

I woke up to the thought that I was going out with my dad today. Boy that sounded wierd! I think I'll just settle on Harry.  I showered and put on one of the shirts Zayn got me pink skinny jeans and my new pink high tops. I then went and unlocked my new phone. I feel so stupid that I dont know how to use it but in the orphanage you werent allowed one until you were sixteen. And the only way you get a few dollars a week is for being good. I had about 60 dollars saved up. Yep! Thats it I wasnt the best kid!

I put my hair up and walked out to see Harry eating breakfast.

"Good Morning" He greeted.

"Morning" I replied.

I made some toast and sat down to eat it.


"Yeah" He said looking up from his plate.

"Two things 1. Is it ok if I call you Harry cuz I'm just not that comfortable with dad yet?" I asked,

"Yea thats fine!" He reassured me "You could kinda think of me as your Dad/ Older Brother" He said.

I laughed "Ok thanks and 2. I still dont know how to work my phone" I said laughing.

"I'll teach you today I have everything planned out" He answered.

I finished my breakfast. And looked at Harry.

"Uhm yes?" He asked confused.

"Uhm are we gonna go anywhere or...." I said akwardly.

"Oh oh yeah! Of course!"He said hastily.

"K" I said getting up akwardly.

Then I remembered I ran to my room and looked through my bag to find my songbook, I had a good song to write down. I looked through my bag again and again but I didnt see it. Thats when I remembered I forgot it. In the orphanage. Tears escaped my eyes. I couldnt lose that. I jumped on my bed and cried into my pillow, Then I heard the door creak open.

"Leigh" Harry called softly, I just kept my head in my pillow.

"Leigh Whats wrong?" Harry asked I could hear the concern in his voice. He sat down near me on the bed.

I lifted my head from the pillow to look at him,

"What happened?" He asked me again.

"I forgot something important in the orphanage" I managed to choke out.

"What was it?" He asked rubbing my back.

"M-my-My s-so-song-bo-ok" I stuttered.

"Your songbook?" He smiled a little.

Did he think it was funny?

"Yes" I replied "And its not funny it was important to me" I said to him.

"I never said it was" He told me.

"Then how come you smiled?" I argued and sat up on my bed.

"Cuz I was happy to hear that you were into music" He said softly.

"What?" I asked confused.

"Music is importanat to me too" He paused " I know how you feel and we'll get it back, today!" He said.He put his arm around me.

"No Harry you dont understand, I cant go back there, it brings back too many bad memories" I cried on his shoulder.

"I'll be right there with you"

I smiled "Thanks"


We were in the car driving to the orphanage. After a twenty minute car ride of nervouseness we were there.

"I cant just the people" I said nervously.

"Dont worry its for your songbook and I'm right here"He said comfortingly.

"Ok your right" I said and walked up the stone path to my past.


I konocked lightly on the orphanage door. A few seconds later it creaked open...

The headmistress stood there evil as ever.

"Oh look who decided to return" She croaked nastily,

"Didnt find much shelter in the Big City did you know?" She continued.

I was scared but I had to do this " Actually I did, Meet my Dad, Harry Styles" I said pointing to Harry.

She gasped in surprise.

"Now that I've proved you wrong, theres something I have forgotten" I said and pushed faster. I could hear Harry following me from behind. I walked up the creaking stairs, memories flooding into my mind. Memories, I so desperately want to forget. This was my old life this was my torture, and I'm finally free from it. Tears flooded from my eyes trickling down my cheeks. There was no proper way to thank Harry for what he did. Not only did I now have a normal life. But I have a rather good one. The boys are all so nice to me. And I'm really thankful.

I finally reached my old room I walked in slowly, Harry right behiind me as He said he would be.

Luckily, the room was empty, I walked to the closet. I bent myself down to the part with the small opening. I pulled my songbook out of the walls opening and made my way out of the closet.

"Got it" I told Harry.

"K lets go"


We were in the car driving to who knows where.

"I'm actually kinda glad we got out of there, That lady WAS creepy" He said and grinned.

"Your telling me" I agreed.

"Where are we going?" I questioned.

"I thought lunch" Harry said looking ahead at the road.

"Sounds good"


We arrived at nice restaurant.

The walls were painted red and the chairs were red with black tablecloths.

I sat down and Harry sat down too. I looked at the menu, I already knew what I want; Tacos.

"I'm gonna get tacos" I said to Harry.

He grinned "Your definetely like me."

We put our orders in Harry got tacos too.

The tacos were awesome.

When we were done we got back into the car and Harry drove to the beach, There were a few shops one the boardwalk it was really nice.

"Harry I dont have a bathing suit" I whined,

"I'll buy you one" He chuckled.

We got out of the car and went into the beach store. When I was looking at the bikinis. HArry behind me looking at I dont know what. I heard a high pitched shriek.

"OMG!!! HARRY STYLES!!!OMG!!!I LOVE YOU" Followed after the unbearable scream,

I looked at Harry, Girls were circling him. What was going on? Im so confused.

I pulled Harry out of the crown of girls to is car. We got in and he drove back to the house.

"What just happened?" I asked expectantly, As i sat down on the couch.

"Listen Leigh," Harry started sitting next to me,

"The reason I havent told you this is because I wanted to tell you and I havent got the chance since the boys were taking you out, Leigh, Me and the other boys are singers." He said.

"As in your famous" I asked taken back.

I was'nt expecting this at all "Yea" He said.

"I didn't know because I didn't know any singers in the orphanage, they would'nt allow you to know anyone, When I was little I remember dancing around to lively music with my friends and family, Then when my parents got in an accident a few weeks later. That moment was precious to me and so was my music, And I guess in my new life too music is important so I'm really happy" I said and then smiled,

He smiled "So thats why I was getting mobbed" He explained.

"Are you guys like in a band or just alone or..." I trailed ff.

He chuckled "Were in a band called One Direction"

"Cool" I stated.

"I really wish I could listen to music. Can I hear one of your songs?"

"Yeah" He said and got out his phone.

I heard a tune start to play,

"Your insecure dont know what for

Your turning heads when you walk through the door

Dont need makeup to cover up

Being the way that you are is enough..."

"Wow thats a really good song" I said and smiled.

"Thanks and Leigh?"


"Bout that program your going to for two weeks I dont want you to be embarrased by not knowing some popstars so I'm gonna teach you ok?" He asked.

"Yes! Ive always wanted to learn about other singers" I could litterly feel my face light up.

"Ok you know One Direction of course,

This is Taylor Swift" He showed me a picture on his phone and continued.

"This is Ed Sheeran, Selena Gomez, Demi Lovato,Nicki Minaj,Austin Mahone, Cher Lloyd, Beyonce, Lady gaga, Justin Bieber, J-Z, Miley Cyrus, P!nk, Victoria Justice, Ariana Grande,Katy Perry, Adele;" He showed pictures every time he said a name.He showed me some more people.

"OK got it!" I said.

He laughed and showed me some songs, "Hey you have any good songs" He asked suddenly.


"Well do you?" He laughed.

"Uhm I never really showed anyone my songs before" I said shyly.

"You dont have to if you dont want I'm just curious" He shrugged.

"I could show you" I said, I'll probably show him someday so why not?

I got up went into my room and fetched my songbook. I sat back down with him.

I started tsing one of my best songs.

 When I was done Harry turned to me, I looked at the ground.

"Leigh" He said softly,

"I know it was bad it-

"Bad?" He asked using his fingers to pick my head up.

"I thought that was amazing" He said looking in  my eyes.

"It was a really good song especially for your age." He said.


"Really, Now we have to get you to the studio to record that" He smiled, I smiled back. He turned the T.V. on. He was on T.V.

"Today Harry Styles was caught with a young teenage girl on the beach today." The reporter started, "Who is she?"

They continued on and then changed the subject "Harry if anyone asks my last name..."

"Styles"He said simply.

"Your name is Leigh- Anne Styles"

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