Entwining dreams

Hey, I began writing on my ipad, so then i went back and edited
I haven't tried anything like this before so, enjoy!
A sudden surge of adrenalin pumped through my viens, I felt my heart burning, as I fell deeper and deeper. All of a sudden a wash of icy cold water crashed over me.
My eyes burst open to see orbs, a mixture of blue and green just like the sea.
those mesmerising eyes full of concern and worry.
"Louis, why the hell did you just pour freezing water over me? "


1. Chapter one: how we met



What would I say? 

What DO you say?

I can't do this.

I cannot  just go up to Louis Tomlinson and fangirl.

But I know I will.


Because I'm Rachel.

Rachel smith.

" NEXT! " a gruff and burly man boomed signalling towards the table.

This was it .

I had to make some kind of conversation.

I just couldnt stand there and-

"Hello, love" with a sweet, gentle and caressing voice, Louis smiled over at me, 

"h-hi" I stuttered. 

"c-can you sign this?" i asked thrusting the soft orange carrot towards him. 

"Of course babe, who do should I make it out to? I don't think I can just write gorgeous brunette with the bluest of eyes I have ever seen." he grinned his lips looked so kissable,I just fell deeper into love with every part of him with each passing moment.

"Rachel, Rachel smith" I blushed.

"SHE'S IRISH! HAS DIMPLES! AND BLUSHES!" a suddenly hyper Niall screeched. 

I started toying with a loose lock of hair looking at the ground

"Niall, your right, if you wouldn't mind, Rachel, hang back?"

"sure"  I grinned 

Little did I know the a small signing would be the start of a huge new life.



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