Worst band ever

My name is Rachel and I HATE ONE DIRECTION! Everyone goes on about them at school, and they are just so annoying. Or at least that's what I thought till I met them when I won a competition in a magazine. Now I'm helplessly in love!!!
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2. When the school found out

When I got to school on Monday I was like the most popular person ever. The only person I'd told was my best friend Alice and by the next day the whole school's population seemed to know I was meeting One Direction. I decided to reply and say I was going, but I was planning on faking an illness on the day so I wouldn't have to speak to them.

So when I walked through the gates, everyone was crowding round me saying things like, "Are you really meeting One Direction?" and "You're so lucky!"

I was glad to get to my first lesson. Luckily, it was Science with Mrs Franks who lets you talk to your friends. "How many people did you tell?" I asked Alice.

"Only a couple," she said.

"Then how come the entire school knows now? I didn't even think half of them knew my name!"

"Well, it's big news. I can't believe you get to meet them! Isn't it amazing?"

"I don't even want to go," I told her.

"WHAT?! Are you crazy? You have to go! Who doesn't love 1D?"

"Me." I was even more fed up than usual with One Direction. If I'd have known it was to meet them not Little Mix, I'd have never entered and someone else would go through the torture of everyone crowding round them.

"Then how about I pretend to be you, and I get to meet them instead?" Alice asked.

"No way!" I said. I know I didn't want to meet them, but I didn't want the first competition I'd ever won, EVER, to be wasted on Alice, even if she was my best friend.

She kept nagging me all day, and in last lesson, I said, "Fine! I'll go and see them this weekend!" So that was that. I was going to meet One Direction.

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