love forever

love froever when u find true love


2. i see him

so i was at school set at my desk at the end .i never tallk to anyone that why i set there. but than i see him he get smile and set by me .he  say hi . i say cover my face with book and say hi . he say way you do that. i say i kind shy that.he say oh . i say yup. he say where your. friend oh my friend or there tallk. he say why they not tallk to you. i because i do not tallk then. oh so what do you do outside with friend i nothing i set by tress and sat by myself . hesay  will not be sit by self self today . i say huh. he smile and say i sat by you and tallk i say um um oh ok . so it  was outside and i ran fast. and sit and for he can not see me . he say why do you ranfor me, i say oh because i shy with boy he say .oh let tallk i say oh ok .then we have great time. and he say do you have boyfiend .and is say no . oh he give me smile and hold my hand and say pretty girl does have boyfrind . i say cuz i am shy . and he say will can you go to a movie with me . is say sure. and i went home and took a shower curl my hair but pretty pink top and jean. he say wow you look prettier than ever . thank i say you too

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