Hidden Secrets

Harry and Emily have always been best friends, even when Harry left to fulfill his dream of being a singer but when Harry comes home for the summer will Emily be able to tell him her secret or will it stay hidden forever?


9. Chapter 9

Hey so this is chapter 9! It's almost 1am but i was writing this before Niall's twitcam and then i totally forgot about it and then i decided to finish it for you guys! sorry if it's short, it's almost 1000 words so hopefully it's not. Comment, like and fan and stuff because it makes me happy when you do! Enjoy!!!!




The next few days after going to chemo went by quickly and I spent most of them with Harry and our families but I couldn’t find the right time to tell Harry about my illness.

It was now Tuesday night and I was packing for America with Sophie and Caitlin, they offered to come around to help and it was a chance to catch up with them.

“So how were the fans at the zoo the other day? I saw pictures of you and Harry all over twitter!” Sophie laughs as she placed a few of my t-shirts into my suitcase.

“They were crazy, they kept shoving cameras in our faces.” I tell her, taking a seat on my bed.

“If you think that was bad just wait until you get to America.” Caitlin joins in the conversation.

I groan as I fall back onto the bed staring up at the ceiling, I really wasn’t looking forward to being mobbed in America. The last time I joined Harry on tour it wasn’t so bad because they were just starting off but now they were known everywhere.

“Aw don’t worry Em, Harry will protect you.” Sophie says laughing and Caitlin soon joins in.

“You’re joking right?” I stare at her as I sit up.

“Oh come on, you know he likes you and would do anything for you.” Sophie rolls her eyes at me.

“Well nothing could happen between us anyway.” I tell her.

“You’re considering it! I knew you always liked him!” Caitlin laughs again.

“Yeah yeah.” I stand up and continue packing, ignoring the two girls who were still going on about me and Harry dating.

Even if I did like him nothing could happen between us, I couldn’t be with him knowing that one day I would leave him unexpectedly.


After finishing packing me, Sophie and Caitlin watched a few films and they slept over because I was leaving for America tomorrow so I wouldn’t see them for a few weeks.

“Do you think you’d be able to bring Niall back for me?” Caitlin mumbled as we were drifting off to sleep.

“Of course, I’ll drop him off at your house after the tour’s finished.” I laugh slightly even though I was half asleep.

I heard Caitlin mutter a thanks as my eyes closed for the last time that night.


“EM WAKE UP YOU’RE LEAVING TODAY!” I hear Sophie shouting as the two girls jumped up and down on my bed.

“Urgh, go away.” I groan as I turn over, pulling a pillow over my head to muffle their voices but it didn’t work because the next thing I know I’m lying on the floor, they had literally kicked me out of my bed.

“Please remind me why I’m friends with you two.” I mumble as I sit up and look at the two extremely happy girls sat on my bed.

“Because we’re amazing.” Sophie says.

“And you love us.” Caitlin continues.

“Sure do.” I reply as I got up and grab my clothes that I had set out for today. “I’m going for a shower, don’t even bother coming in.” I tell the two girls, shooting them a look before walking out of my bedroom and to the bathroom.


After showering and getting changed I throw my hair into a messy bun and apply minimal make up seeing as though I was only going on a flight but still had to look reasonable because I knew there would be thousands of fans at the airport when we arrive, somehow they knew we were coming over to America today.

Once I’m ready I walk downstairs to find everyone sat in the kitchen eating breakfast.

“Morning.” I smile as I take an apple from the fruit basket, not feeling very hungry.

“Morning sweetie, enjoy your wakeup call?” My mum jokes as I take a seat on the breakfast bar stool.

“Of course.” I roll my eyes and glare at Sophie and Caitlin who were sat at the dining table playing with Lillie.

“Harry should be here in a few minutes, the girls brought your bags down and Dylan said he’ll be here to say goodbye before you leave.” Mum informs me.

“Okay.” I reply standing up from my seat to throw my apple away. “I’m just going to get my phone and carry on bag.” I tell everyone as I make my way back up stairs.

When I come back down I see Caitlin and Sophie talking to Harry at the front door and Dylan holding Lillie in his arms with Melissa by his side.

“Ready to go?” Harry smiles at me as I get to the bottom of the stairs.

I nod my head at him, smiling and begin my goodbyes with my two best friends, I know they’re dying to cry just like I was but we also find ourselves laughing too.

Once I said goodbye to them I move onto Dylan, Melissa and Lillie and finally my parents who were also trying not to cry.

“I’ll see you all soon.” I try my best to smile as Harry grabs my bags and we make our way to his car.

With a final goodbye I find myself driving to the airport with Harry.

“You ready for America?” Harry asks smiling but keeps his eyes on the road.

“Yep.” I reply, leaning back in my seat, relaxing.

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