Hidden Secrets

Harry and Emily have always been best friends, even when Harry left to fulfill his dream of being a singer but when Harry comes home for the summer will Emily be able to tell him her secret or will it stay hidden forever?


32. Chapter 31

Hello! so i'm watching the EMA's (i think we've lost every award we've been nominated for:( ) and trying to write so i'm sorry if it's bad and short! I'll try to update tomorrow even though i have school and homework! comment what you think or even if you just want to say hi aha i like talking to you guys:P Okay so i hope you like it and yeah byeeee x




The class begins to file into the room and with every new person it became louder and all I wanted was to go home. Thankfully by the time the first person walked into the classroom I had fixed my makeup and made myself presentable with the help of Sophie, although some people did ask if I was ok which annoyed me.

The classroom was nearly full except from his group which wasn’t a surprise to anyone.

“Is James in today?” I hear sir ask for the second time, everyone stayed silent but just as he’s about to go onto the next name James and his ‘group’ stumble through the door laughing at something. They notice everyone staring at them but it doesn’t seem to affect them as they walk to the back of the class to take their seats. I catch eye contact with him but quickly look away, I couldn’t look at him after all that had happened between us. I see Sophie giving me a sympathetic look but turn back to sir at the front of the class, hoping this lesson would end quickly.




The lesson ended after what felt like hours, I was thankful when I finally stepped out of the room. Saying a quick goodbye to Sophie I made my way to my next class, art. Although I normally look forward to art class I was feeling the complete opposite towards it today, I just wanted to skip but I knew that it wouldn’t do me any good, besides he isn’t in my art class so I should be ok.

When I arrived almost everyone was inside already and I was thankful that most of the class were female, I quickly took a seat at the back of the class next to a girl called Holly, she gave me a small smile as I settled down which I returned.

“Okay class, this year we’re going to be starting on the topic of pop art!” Miss Carter announced, silencing the class apart from the few cheers and groans from what she had just said. Pop art was one of my favourite topics of art so I wasn’t one of the many annoyed people in my class and I was actually excited to start my project on it. After being told the basics of the topic, even though we all already knew it, we were able to begin. I was thankful for the rule ‘you can listen to music whilst in art’ because it meant I could block out everyone and just focus on my work, plus it meant I didn’t have to interact with anyone who could bring up either Harry or James, both of which I didn’t want to talk about right now.

The lesson was soon over and it was finally break time for me so I quickly made my way out of the classroom and down the busy corridor to the dinner hall, where I promised I would meet Sophie but as I turned the corner I bumped into the person I didn’t want to even look at right now for the second time today…

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