Hidden Secrets

Harry and Emily have always been best friends, even when Harry left to fulfill his dream of being a singer but when Harry comes home for the summer will Emily be able to tell him her secret or will it stay hidden forever?


3. Chapter 3

Couldn't help but upload again:D sorry if this is bad i just really want to get into this story and get Harry into it because i have really good ideas for it! Tell me what you think! Thankyou to everyone who has commented and favourited it, please like and comment and maybe fan me? haha thankyou though and enjoy!




After we got home from the theme park yesterday I fell asleep almost instantly, all of the journey home Lillie continued to tell me and Dylan how much she enjoyed the day and told us the highlights of it…there were a lot.

I woke up to see it was surprisingly sunny and warm, unusual for England.

“Morning Em.” Mum smiles as I enter the kitchen, taking a seat on the breakfast bar stool next to Lillie.

“Morning.” I smile back, “So what are you doing today?” I ask as I steal a bit of Lillie’s toast causing her to slap my arm.

“HEY that’s mine!” She complains making me and mum laugh.

“Um me and your dad are going over to Anne’s, how about I give you some money and you go shopping with Sophie for your birthday?” She suggests.

“Sure, I’ll go call her.” I say, hopping off my stool I pull out my phone and scroll down to my best friend Sophie’s number.

After three rings she answers.

“HEY EM!” She shouts down the phone causing me to wince, I’m not much of a morning person.

“Hey Soph, so I was wondering if you want to go shopping today?” I ask her as I walk into the living room where it was quiet.

                “Sure! Meet me at the bus stop at 1?” She replies happily, she’s always hyper I honestly don’t know how.

“Sure! I’ve got to go so I’ll see you then.” I tell her as I plop down on the sofa.

        “Okay bye! Love ya.”

“Love you too!” I laugh as I put the phone down. Me and Sophie have been friends since she joined our school in year 8, she instantly clicked with me and Harry and the three of us became best friends but I was always the closer one to Harry, I don’t know whether it was because I had known him since we were babies or that it was just something we had.

As I put the phone down Dylan entered the living room.

“Morning.” He yawns, obviously he had just woken up.

“Morning.” I laugh slightly at the sight of him, his hair was all ruffled and his eyes kept closing from being so tired.

“You’re looking after Lillie today right? Because mum and dad are going out and I’m going shopping and I am NOT taking her with me.” I explain to him, Lillie is not one to take shopping, she just fidgets and complains.

“Yeah I’ll take her to the park with me and Mel.” He tells me.

“Okay great! I’m going to get ready so I’ll probably see you later.” I tell him, ruffling his hair as I exit the living room causing him to slap my arm. What is it with my siblings slapping me today?

I quickly shower and get changed into a floral skirt and white vest top. I curl my long light brown hair with blonde dip dye and place a white headband in my hair to finish.

When I look at the clock after finishing getting ready I notice it was 20 to 1 and decided to set off to the bus stop to meet Sophie. I quickly put my slip-on shoes on, grab my phone and bag and walk downstairs to say bye to my mum.

“Be careful! Ring me if you need anything.” She tells me as she hands me money for clothes.

“I will, I will.” I sigh, she always gives me a lecture about being careful and not to get in old men’s cars.

“Okay bye hunny.” She kisses my forehead.

“Bye mum, love you.” I tell her as I exit the house, I hear her tell me she loves me as she closes the door behind me and I begin to make my way to the bus stop.


        “How about this one?” Sophie pulls a floral dress off of the hanger, I crinkle my nose in disgust and she laughs, putting it back.

I continue to flick through the dresses on the rack. Sophie suggested getting a dress for my birthday meal, although I wasn’t having a meal, I didn’t want to make a big deal out of my birthday but she insisted that I get a dress anyway. She had already found one in a shop we had previously been in but as usual I couldn’t find anything.

As I was about to give up I see a dress on the rack across from me and sprint over to it, it was a white lace dress that came to my mid-thigh.

“Oooh that’s nice!” Sophie says as she looks at the dress I had held in my hand, I checked the size and grinned.

“The right size too!” I smile.

“Do you need shoes to go with it?” She asks as I place the dress up against my body, looking in the mirror in front of me. I nod at Sophie in reply and she drags me away from the mirror, obviously wanting to find me some shoes so she could get out of here, we had been walking around for a few hours now.


“So how did the doctors go the other day?” Sophie asks as we take our seats in starbucks, we both LOVE starbucks and decided it would be the perfect way to end the day.

“Um…not so well, it’s gotten worse.” I look down, swirling my drink around with the green straw.

“Oh I’m sorry Em, I shouldn’t have brought it up.” She apologies getting up to give me a hug.

“It’s okay…I knew it wouldn’t go away but I guess there’s not much I can do.” I shrug.

“I’m sorry, we’ll talk about something else…so what do you want for your birthday?” She asks trying to change the conversation which made me laugh slightly.

“I don’t know actually…I knew really thought about it.” I tell her.

“Are you being serious Em? THINK! It’s your birthday!” She laughs.

“Well in that case I’ll have an iphone, ipad, mac laptop, a new car…” I list all of the things on my fingers, obviously joking causing both of us to burst out in laughter.

In this moment it made me realise that I didn’t need all of these fancy things in life, all I needed was my family and bestfriend…or bestfriends…


When I arrived home I found the place empty, I figured my mum and dad must still be at Anne’s across the road and Dylan was still spending time with his girlfriend Mel.

I decided to take advantage of being home alone and turned the music on the tv to full blast and invaded the fridge and cupboards for food.

As I was singing along to the last lines of Blurred Lines I took a sip of my glass of lemonade and nearly spat it out when the next song came on. Best song ever by One direction.

I turned the TV down slightly but so I could still hear it and stayed silent as I watched the television carefully.

I saw the familiar curly headed boy and my eyes lit up, a big grin appearing on my face. I missed him SO much but I was so proud of what he had achieved.

I remembered when we were younger he would always sing, whether it was in my house, his house, at school or even in the shop, he would never stop. He would always tell me he would one day perform on stage to thousands of people and would become famous and I would just laugh back then not really believing him because the chances of becoming famous was slim, but he did it. He really did it

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