Hidden Secrets

Harry and Emily have always been best friends, even when Harry left to fulfill his dream of being a singer but when Harry comes home for the summer will Emily be able to tell him her secret or will it stay hidden forever?


26. Chapter 26

Hey guys! Been writing this all night on and off and now it's past midnight and i just finished it so here we go! I'm sorry it's short and i haven't been uploading much but i've been busy and have had writers block so if i did write it would've been rubbish! Anyway i would like to say a MASSIVE Happy 20th Birthday to Liam! Love you lots and i hope you have an amazing day! 

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Harry’s P.O.V


“Harry you ready to go?” I hear Niall ask me as I collect my phone and wallet from the table.

“Yep.” I reply, walking past him and out of the hotel door.

“So how are things going with you and Emily?” Niall asks as the two of us enter the lift to take us to the lobby.

“Good, I just called her, she’s gone to a friends or something.” I tell him, remembering that Emily told me she had to go for a sleepover tonight.

Niall nods his head as the lift doors open at the lobby where there were screaming fans but speaks up again before we reach them,    

 “Are you going to come out about you two today?” He asks and I have to think about it for a minute. I wasn’t really sure if I was ready to tell anyone yet or whether she was ready to tell the world.

I shrug my shoulders, “I don’t know.” I tell him quietly as we approach the other boys and security.

We were doing interviews for most of the day today and I knew the question of our relationship status would come up a few times throughout the day and I wasn’t sure how I would respond.

“You alright mate?” Louis asks putting his arm over my shoulder.

“Oh uh yeah.” I mutter looking up at him, he gives me an unsure look but doesn’t say anything else because before we knew it we were surrounded by screaming girls trying to get a piece of us as we made our way to the van.




“Yeah the new albums going great.” Liam smiles at the interviewer, I try to keep focused on the interview but my mind continues to trail off to Emily.

“And you have a stadium tour next year right?” The interviewer asks but mainly aims it at me.

“Yeah we can’t wait to get back on the road again.” I answer her, looking at the boys so they’ll comment on the topic too which Niall does.

Paul gives the interviewer a signal to tell her we need to wrap things up and she nods her head.

“Okay so it’s time for you boys to go but we have one last question that all of the fans are always interested in knowing…” The woman begins and I instantly become nervous, I was hoping this question would never come. “So which of you boys are in a relationship?” She asks and Zayn and Louis’ hands shoot up, Niall gives me a slight look as the blonde interviewer asks a few questions about Zayn and Louis’ relationships but I can’t focus properly until a picture of me and Emily appears on the screen and my eyes grow wide, it was from when we got mobbed at the shops in Greece.

“So Harry, we’ve been seeing a lot of pictures of you and this girl. Who is it? is she someone special?” I hear her asks and my mouth goes dry and I don’t know what to say. Do I tell her I’m with Emily?

“Th-That’s Emily, one of my childhood friends.” I answer her question of who the ‘mystery girl’ was.

“And is this Emily someone special?” She asks and I can feel all of the boy’s eyes on me including her.

“N-No we’re just…friends.” I stutter again and I see Liam and Louis give me weird looks but quickly cover them up.

“Okay so directioners you’ll be happy to know Niall,  Liam and Harry are all single pringles!” The interviewer laughs and I smile a little as we say our goodbyes and leave the room.

“I thought you and Emily were an item now?” Zayn asks as we get into the car, all day none of the interviewers had brought the question up except this one.

“We are.” I reply turning to the boys, all of their faces held a confused look except from Niall’s.

“So how come you’re denying it all?” Louis asks, “There’s pictures and everything already.”

“Actually they weren’t from when we were together,” I explain quickly, “But I-I don’t know whether Emily wants them to know yet.” I sigh and their confused looks disappear.

“Well it’s going to come out soon mate.” Liam says as we drive off.

Of course it would have to come out but until I know Emily’s comfortable with the world knowing then we won’t be publicising anything.



After the interviews were finished we went to a restaurant with everyone. It was nice to spend time with everyone again after not seeing them in a few weeks but I missed Emily and I couldn’t stop thinking about her until the moment I fell asleep that night.





“Em, what’s up?” I sigh as I look at my girlfriend through the laptop screen. I had just woken up from my long sleep and was now face timing Emily whilst I had the chance but she wasn’t talking much and I knew she was thinking about something.

“Nothing.” She replies looking up at me.


“Are you embarrassed to be with me?” She blurts out after a few moments of silence, I quickly look up to the screen from fiddling with a broken pen I had found and gave her a confused look.

“No, why would you think that?” I ask her.

“N-No reason, it doesn’t matter.” She shrugs but I’m not letting this go.

“Emily why would you even think that?” I ask her firmly but she just shakes her head, “Emily.” I say again and her mouth opens.

“I saw your…interview from today and you said you were single and denied the rumours of us being together.” She mumbles but I could still hear her.

I sigh and look at her, “Of course I’m not embarrassed to be with you, you’re the most beautiful girl in this world Emily!” I begin and I see her cheeks blush making my heart warm and a small smile appear on my lips, “I just didn’t know whether you would be ready to tell everyone that we’re together.” I explain.

“No it’s fine, I don’t mind seriously.” She says with a small understanding smile.

“So does that mean you want everyone to know about us?” I smirk and a small smile appears on both of our lips.

“I’ll take that as a yes then.” I laugh.

“Hey I didn’t say that!” She laughs along with me and I wish at this moment I was with her to hug her and never let go, tickle her until she cries from laughing too much and kiss her soft pink lips.

“I miss you…” I blurt out without noticing.

“I miss you too.” She sighs, the smile on her face fading slightly.

“You’re definitely joining me on tour next year, I don’t think I’ll be able to last that long without you.” I tell her and the smile soon reappears on her lips causing one to appear on mine too.

“Well I think I’ll be able to arrange that.” She jokes.



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