Hidden Secrets

Harry and Emily have always been best friends, even when Harry left to fulfill his dream of being a singer but when Harry comes home for the summer will Emily be able to tell him her secret or will it stay hidden forever?


21. Chapter 21

Hello again!!! Second update of the day and there might be another one later;) i would've written more but my little brother is begging me to go play a game with him and i have to go to some place later, urgh. Anyways enjoy and comment what you think! Oh and i think you should like because i'm not far off 100 likes;)





I wake up the next morning in my bed with a horrible headache, I guess Harry must have brought me in yesterday because I don’t remember walking into the villa myself. I try to fall back asleep but it was hopeless, my headache wouldn’t go and it was already light outside. I roll out of bed and make my way to the kitchen and I find Harry sat in there on his phone.

“You’re up early.” I tell him as I grab a glass out of the cupboard and fill it with water.

“I could say the same to you.” He jokes, “Why are you up so early anyway? It’s not like you to be up before noon.”

“I couldn’t get back to sleep, I’ve got a headache.” I say whilst waving the tablets around in the air.

“Are you okay? Do you need anything?” Harry asks, panicked.

“Yeah Harry I’m fine, it’s just a headache.” I laugh slightly as I down the pills with the water.

“Are you sure?” He asks and I nod, his face floods with relief as he sits back down in his chair but he watches me carefully as I put the glass in the sink and tablets back into the cupboard.

“Stop staring at me.” I turn around to face him and he turns red making me giggle.

“Sorry I was just making sure you’re alright.” He stutters.

“Okay whatever you say.” I laugh taking a seat on the breakfast bar stool next to him.

“Anyway what are we doing today?” I ask, for the past week we’ve had plans for every single day.

“I think they hired a yacht for the day and then we’re going for a meal tonight.” He explains.

“Sounds fun.” I smile.

After a few moments of trying not to laugh at Harry’s concentration face whilst he talked to fans on twitter and read their messages I got up and walked around to the kitchen again before I burst into laughter.

I make breakfast for everyone seeing as they would be up soon anyway and I had to stop Harry from eating it all a few times.

“Harry!” I shout whilst slapping his hand away, he’d already had way more than he was supposed to.

“Well sorry but you’re cooking is pretty decent for once!” He defends himself and I glare at him playfully.

“Hey my cooking is always the best.” I tell him and he just laughs at me.

“Oh this is lovely! Thank you Emily!” Harry’s mum says as she takes a seat at the table along with Lillie, Gemma and Robin.

My parents soon joined afterwards and we all ate breakfast along with Harry who was having second helpings.

“That was the best breakfast I’ve had in a while!” Robin says as he places his plate in the dishwasher and I thank him.

“The yacht will be ready at around 11 so we’d better get ready and go down to the beach now.” My dad says and everyone agrees.

I sprint off to the bathroom me, Gemma, Harry and Lillie shared and they all began to complain but I just laugh and block their moaning out as I took my shower.

I change into my white bikini and put my floral dress on over it knowing I would be taking it off soon anyway. I put a little make up on and tie my wavy hair up into a messy bun. When I finally exit the bathroom Harry and Gemma push past me and begin to argue who got it first, I’m sure they’re still children.




“Wow this is amazing!” I say as I climb onto the yacht and look around it.

“I know right and it’s all ours for the day!” Mum smiles, there were drinks in a fridge inside of the yacht and I take a bottle of sprite out and take a drink but Harry snatches it out of my hand and takes a long drink of it.

“Hey get your own!” I slap his arm and grab my drink away from him.

“No I’m alright, I’ll just use yours.” He gives me a sarcastic smile and I stick my tongue out at him and walk away.



I sit with Gemma for a while and talk about anything and everything, I loved having her around she was like an older sister to me.

“Well I’m going to find Harry, I’ll be back soon!” I tell her and get out of my seat.

I finally find him at the back of the boat with a bottle of beer in his hand as he looked over the sea.

“You okay?” I ask as I stand next to him.

“Yeah you?” He turns to me with a small smile on his face, his green eyes shining as the sun hit them.

“Yeah, it’s nice to be on holiday. It’s a chance to forget about all of my problems and worries.” I say looking out to sea but I can see him nodding his head.

“It’s a chance for me to get away from the madness and fans.” He says and I laugh slightly.

“That isn’t always possible, not even here.” I tell him and he gives me a confused look.

“What do you mean?” He asks and I point over to the shore where a group of girls were stood.

“For God’s sake.” He groans running his hands through his hair, “They never leave us alone.”

“Hey it’s okay, we all understand.” I say putting a hand on his shoulder, “Besides they can’t get you out here.” I laugh and he lets out a small chuckle.

“Oh just wait, they’ll be swimming over here in a minute.” He says making me laugh, they probably would do that.

“You have some pretty dedicated fans that’s for sure.” I mumble as I look at them all screaming every time Harry moves a muscle, how could they even see him from out here?


We stand there talking for a while about what we did as children or the things we did as children up until the present day and it was nice to talk about everything I missed about our friendship.

“I’m going to find some food.” I finally say and as I turn around Harry speaks.

“Um Emily I was wondering if…sometime this week you’d want to go out to dinner somewhere? Only if you want to I mean.” He asks and I smile at how nervous he was but finally nod my head.

“Yeah that’d be nice.” I reply and his eyes light up as a smile appears on his lips.

As I walk away I think about our date later this week, wait is it a date?

No. It wasn’t a date we’re not dating. It’s just two friends going out for meal that can’t be classed as a date but I sure wish it was…

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