Hidden Secrets

Harry and Emily have always been best friends, even when Harry left to fulfill his dream of being a singer but when Harry comes home for the summer will Emily be able to tell him her secret or will it stay hidden forever?


19. Chapter 19

Helloooo!!! you've all been waiting for an update so here it is! i would've updated during the day and done a double update but i found out about Zerrie's engagement and i was upset:-( (By the way i'm a Zayn girl more than i am a Harry girl aha) And one second i was upset and the next i was happy for them and i spent the day on twitter and out with my family but i'm happy for Zayn and Perrie and i'm glad Zayn has found the one he'll spend the rest of his life with<3 anyway here's this chapter, i've been writing it on and off all night aha, anyway enjoy and please comment what you thinkkk x





Emily’s P.O.V


“Hey this is Harry, sorry I can’t-“ I groan throwing my phone across the room and putting my head in my hands.

“Still no answer?” Gemma asks and I look up, she gave me a sympathetic look as she handed me my cup of tea and sat on the bed next to me.

“No, I’ve tried at least 10 times in the past 20 minutes.” I sigh.

After I told Harry a few hours ago he took off in his car, too fast for me to catch him up so I came back to the villa in hope that he would be here but he wasn’t and now he wasn’t answering his phone.

“D-Do you think he’ll forgive me?” I ask quietly, looking  at the liquid in my cup that had suddenly become interesting. 

“Of course he will, he’s just in…shock. He was going to be upset Emily, you knew that.” She says and I knew she was just trying to comfort me but I knew better, he wasn’t going to forgive me well not anytime soon that was for sure.

I had told Gemma everything that had taken place back on the beach, I didn’t intend on doing that but she forced me to tell her since I stormed through the door, tears flowing down my cheeks nonstop. My mum, dad and Harry’s parents only knew that I had told Harry and not that we kissed or admitted our feelings to one another which I was happy about.

“He’ll come back when he’s calmed down Em, I promise.” Gemma pulls me into her arms and I begin to sob again, why did I leave it for so long before I told him?

“Thank you Gemma, for everything.” I whisper against her shoulder as I begin to calm down slightly.

“There’s no need to thank me, I’ll always be here for you.” She says quietly.

I loved how close I was to Gemma, she was always here for me when I had any troubles, she was like my sister. We watched out for one another.

“Now I think you should get some sleep.” She laughs pulling away from the hug to look me in the eyes and I shake my head.

“No I’m staying up until Harry’s back.” I argue.

“Emily you need to sleep, you’ve had a long day. I’ll wait up for him, I promise.” Gemma tells me and I give in and nod.

“Fine but if he’s not back by 2 o’clock wake me up.” I say as she gets off of my bed and nods slightly before leaving me alone in my room.

I begin to cry again into my pillow for what felt like the millionth time today, he was never going to forgive me, ever.

I wish I had told him the day I had found out, it would have been so much easier, he would have hugged me as I cried telling me everything was going to be okay and that he was always going to be here for me, that he was never going to leave me. But I didn’t tell him that day, I let every day go by without telling my best friend something he deserved to know. I didn’t even try to tell him or hint to him that something was wrong, instead I left it thinking that one day would come by and he would understand but when that day came it didn’t turn out how it planned…

The last time I checked the time it was past midnight and I was praying that Harry would be back soon.


I woke up multiple times throughout the night but Gemma hadn’t come into my room so I was hoping that Harry was home by now, I needed to talk to him and sort this whole mess out.

When I wake up again it was light outside, I check the time on my phone it was only half past five but I knew I wouldn’t get back to sleep now and so I got out of bed and went to the bathroom.

I looked like hell, my mascara was running down my face along with my eyeliner, my eyes were red and the outsides were blotchy from crying. I had dark rings around my eyes from lack of sleep and I felt horrible.

I took a shower hoping it would make me feel better but it didn’t and I didn’t look much better either except my ruined makeup was finally off my face.

I reapplied my make up and got changed into some shorts and a white Hollister top and made my way out onto the balcony to get some fresh air. I was hoping everyone would still be asleep so I could think about things but when I approached the tables on the balcony I saw someone I didn’t want to see right now…Harry.

His head turns to me as I sit down on a chair on the other side of the table but he doesn’t meet my gaze and turns around in his chair, his back to me.

“A-are you mad?” I ask quietly after a few minutes, unsure of what to say, all I knew was that I wanted to sort this whole thing out.

He shakes his head, “I already told you I’m not mad Emily.” He replies without looking at me, he stands up and leans against the balcony wall.

“I know you’re upset and disappointed though.” I reply and he nods his head slightly.

“I just wish you’d told me.” He sighs and I walk up to the balcony but keep my distance from him.

“Every time I tried I couldn’t do it, each day went by without me telling you and it just got harder and harder for me to tell you.” I explain my voice almost a whisper.

“Why? I thought we were best friends Emily, that we never kept secrets from one another.” He asks, finally turning to face me.

“B-because I thought you’d get mad and leave because you couldn’t deal with me along with the band.” I reply, “You were so happy with your new life and I figured if I told you it would all come crashing down and I would be the one to blame.” I bite my cheek to stop the tears from falling but they were filling my eyes and I couldn’t hold them back for much longer.

“I’d never leave you Emily, ever. You always come first before the boys; you should know that by now.” He promises me and a little weight lifts from my shoulders but I was still being pushed down and the pain in my chest wouldn’t leave.

“I’m so sorry for not telling you Harry.” I look into his eyes and before I know it he’s pulling me into a hug.

“Stop saying sorry.” He mutters into my hair as he pulls me closer into him, I wrap my arms around his neck tightly not wanting to ever let go.

“Gemma told me about last night,” He begins and I instantly knew he meant me crying all night, “I’m sorry for upsetting you I was just confused and upset and I wasn’t thinking straight.” He explains and I tighten my grip around him even more.

“It was my fault for telling you there and then.” I tell him as we pull away from the hug but I wasn’t expecting what was coming next.

“How come you told me at that moment? Why not after the holiday or before it?” He asks and I was hoping he wouldn’t ask this. After I don’t reply to him he asks me again and I know I have to tell him.



“Em, can we talk to you for a second?” My mum asks me in the kitchen of the villa and I nod my head.

“What is it?” I ask her and my father but they lead me outside without saying a word.

“You know that test they did on you before you went to America?” My mum reminds me and I nod, “Well they got the results back yesterday…”

“What did they say? Did they find another way of curing it?” I ask nervously and when I see my dad shake his head my heart drops to the pit of my stomach.

“The only thing they can do is continue with the chemo every week.” My dad explains, my mum was on the verge of tears and I know if she opened her mouth to speak she would break down. “It’s too late a stage in the cancer for them to cure it Emily, all we can do is hope it gets a little better with the chemo.” My dads voice shakes and I feel my cheeks become warm and wet from the tears flowing down them freely.

I don’t say anything, I couldn’t. Instead I feel my dads arms wrap around me as he whispers reassuring things in my ear but there was no hope anymore. I was dying.


~End of flashback~


“What do you mean they can’t do anything more?!” Harry raises his voice, “They’re doctors! They’re supposed to find cures for these kinds of things!” His hands form into fists and I knew he was getting angrier.

“Harry it’s too late, they’ve been trying for over a year now, I was at a late stage when they found the cancer.” I explain trying to calm him but my words make him more angrier.

“No Emily, they can’t just give up on you.” His voice is almost a whisper, tears threatening to fall from his eyes as well as mine.

“They aren’t Harry, they’re continuing chemo with me. It’s the only thing they can do now and we just have to hope it’ll help, even if it’s just a tiny bit.” I explain to him, the tears in my eyes finally beginning to fall.

“I’m not letting them give up on you Emily, I’ll do anything I can to make them find a cure, I promise Em.” He promises me, pulling me into one last hug and I could feel my hair and shoulder become wet from him crying.

Although this was supposed to be a sad moment I couldn’t help but feel happy. The weight had been lifted from my shoulders and Harry was no longer mad or upset at me, he was there for me and he was never going to leave me.







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