Hidden Secrets

Harry and Emily have always been best friends, even when Harry left to fulfill his dream of being a singer but when Harry comes home for the summer will Emily be able to tell him her secret or will it stay hidden forever?


12. Chapter 12

Hellooooo! 12th chapter...wowww! thank you for liking and commenting on my fanfic it means a lot and please keep doing it, it means a lot! So i'm going away tomorrow (i don't want to go...) But i'll try to write as much as i can! So yeah enjoyy!



The next few hours after the boys had finished sound check were spent running around the arena playing hide and seek tig (I know it sounds childish but we were bored and it was pretty fun) Then we ate and hung out in the dressing room before the boys had to get ready for the show.

“5 seconds of summer, you’re on in 5!” A stage director called into the dressing room before running off again, the four boys got up from their seats along with the rest of us and we followed them to the stage wings where their microphones were put on them.

“Luke can I talk to you quickly?” I quietly ask Luke, knowing Harry was a few meters away talking to the other boys.

“2 minutes boys!” The same man shouted to the four boys, they nodded their heads at him in response.

“After the show.” He replies. I sigh but let him go, wishing him good luck for the show.

“Come on let’s go out into the audience!” Lou insists as the four boys made their way on stage.

“Okay let me just wish the boys good luck.” I tell her, she smiles and I walk over to them.

“I’m going out into the audience so good luck for the show!” I smile at the five boys as they huddled around in a circle. They all gave me quick hugs as I wished them all individually good luck and Harry kissed my cheek telling me he’ll look out for me in the crowd before I walk away with Lou and Lux, Tom decided to stay in the hotel because he was meeting up with a few friends.

It was the first time I had seen 5 seconds of summer performing and I must admit they were amazing! Ashton spotted us out as we were stood where security were and I waved back at him grinning.

After the boys went off stage and the lights came back on in the arena a few fans who were front row spotted us and I began to talk to a few who were calm. Some took photos of us which was kind of uncomfortable but I didn’t say anything.

“You and Harry really would suit as a couple!” One fan blurted out.

“Uh thanks, we’re just friends but thanks.” I laugh slightly even though I felt awkward after she had said that but they soon changed topic and were asking me to ask the boys if they could follow them on twitter. I told them I would try to and they began freaking out making me laugh.

“Well the boy’s will be on in a minute so I’ll have to go.” I tell them.

“Okay, thanks for talking to us.” They grin.

“It’s fine! Enjoy the concert!” I smile before walking back over to Lou where there were no fans.

Me and Lou talk amongst ourselves as we wait for the boys to come on stage. The light’s suddenly turned off and the stage light’s turned on causing everyone to scream. I didn’t think it was possible but when the music began to play and the boys came out on stage the fans screamed even louder than before.

“HOW’S EVERYONE DOING TONIGHT?!” Liam shouts into his microphone, the reply to that was screaming making me laugh.


The concert was amazing, the boys spotted us out in the crowd throughout the show and waved which me and Lou returned. I danced and sung to a few songs with Lux although I think some fans videoed us but I didn’t care. During little things the whole arena was lit up by everyone’s phones and it looked incredible so I took a picture to post up onto instagram later on. One thing you should know about me is I am addicted to instagram.

After the concert we hurried backstage to congratulate the boys and they greeted us in sweaty hugs causing me to squeal and attempt to run away but it didn’t work, instead it caused them to hug me even more.

“4 more shows to go lads!” Paul tells the lads as we walked into the dressing rooms to collect our belongings.

They all began to cheer as we made our way out of the arena and onto the tour buses, Paul had checked us all out of the hotel and our suitcases were put on the bus so we didn’t have to worry.

“I want that bed!”

“I already taxed it!”

“Well I’m older than you!”


Me and Louis roll our eyes and sigh as we hear Niall and Harry bickering about who gets which bed, I don’t really understand why, all of the beds were exactly the same.

I think of an idea and smirked at Louis he gives me a confused look but follows me as I make my way to the bunk beds.

 I jump onto the bed which the two boys were arguing  over and they don’t even realise I was here until I sighed and began talking to Louis.

“This bed is really comfy Louis, I might just have a little sleep on it.” I tell Louis, shouting over the boys to get their attention. Louis stifles a laugh and both boys go silent.

“GET OFF MY BED.” Niall yells at me.

“EXCUSE ME, DON’T YOU MEAN MY BED.” Harry argues back.

“I think you mean my bed.” I tell them, trying not to laugh.

Harry tries pulling me off it but Louis jumps onto the bed too, helping me claim the bed.

“Urgh fine, I’m going to sleep on another bed.” Niall gives up and stalks off to another bed further up the bus.

“You’ll regret this in the morning.” Harry warns me but I just give him a big grin and he walks off in a mood.

Me and Louis high five before saying goodnight to one another and I soon fall asleep not realising how tired I actually was. Touring with these boys was exhausting and it was only the second day.




The next morning I wake up to the TV playing loudly through the hotel room, I yawn and stretch as I sit up in bed. I see Harry and Zayn talking outside on the balcony whilst the music on the TV is on full blast.

As I open the balcony door Harry and Zayn’s heads turn towards me.

“Good afternoon lazy!” Harry says sarcastically, I stick my tongue out at him but say morning knowing it was only half past ten.

“What are we doing today then?” I ask taking a seat on one of the plastic chairs.

“We don’t have a show tonight so we’re just staying around the hotel unless you want to do something else.” Harry tells me.

“No that’s fine, I want to have a relaxing day anyway.” I reply, we’d most likely just be in the swimming pool today or doing some of the activities they had on.

“Okay well everyone’s already downstairs somewhere anyway so we can go down once you’re ready and you can get something to eat.” He tells me.

“I’ll go get ready then.” I say getting up from my seat to take a shower and get ready for the day.




After I got something to eat we went to the pool where everyone was except for a few who went to the beach instead.

“You coming in?” Niall asks splashing me with water. I quickly move out of the way, not wanting to get wet.

“Not yet, I will later.” I reply simply before closing my eyes again to continue sunbathing. After a few seconds something is blocking the sun and I open my eyes to see what, Louis and Niall. The water from their bodies was dripping on me causing me to squeal and try to run away but they wouldn’t allow it and soon Louis’ arms were wrapped around my waist and Niall was grabbing my legs.

“It’s later.” Niall laughs as they walk closer to the water with me in their hold.

“Please don’t!” I beg them but they shake their heads as they reach the edge of the pool, “Niall.” I warn him as his foot comes off of the ground, I couldn’t see Louis but I knew he was mirroring his actions.

The next thing I know I’m swimming towards Niall with a scowl on my face, he’ll pay for this. When I jump on his back to attack him we go underwater but he brings us back up to the surface, me still on his back and I see everyone laughing at us.

“What’s going on here then?” Harry asks with drinks in his hands.

“Louis and Niall thought it’d be funny to throw me into the pool.” I tell him, still on Niall’s back.

Harry begins laughing and I whine, “What Niall wants, Niall gets.” He says, placing the drinks down by Lou and Tom and takes his top off to reveal his toned stomach, before I get distracted I turn away and get off of Niall’s back.

I can’t fall for Harry, I can’t.  I remind myself as I swim over to the volleyball that was floating on the water.



The rest of the day was spent playing volleyball and just playing around in the pool, I have to remind myself a few times that I can’t like Harry but it was literally impossible. I always thought of us as just being best friends, nothing more. I promised myself since I was at least 13 that we couldn’t be anymore and when I found out about the...illness I knew it could never happen.

That reminded me that I still needed to tell Harry, now wasn’t the right time but I knew I’d have to tell him soon.

“What you thinking about?” Harry’s voice pulls me away from my thoughts and I open my eyes to see him sat on the edge of his sunbed looking at me.

“Oh um nothing…where’s Luke and them?” I ask him, hoping to change the subject.

“They just got back from the studio, they’ll be down here in a minute.” He informs me and I nod, I still needed to ask Luke about what Harry had said.


We all turn out heads to see Calum shouting to us with Luke, Ashton and Michael by his side.

“You alright?” Louis asks them as they sit down on the spare sunbeds.

“Yeah got a few new songs done.” Ashton tells Louis and he nods his head as he congratulates them.

My gaze meets Luke’s an I begin to speak after thinking of a way to getting him alone.

“Anyone want a drink? I’m going to the bar.” I stand from my seat and a few people tell me their orders, Luke stands from his seat.

“I’ll come with you to help.” He smiles and we walk away to the bar.

“Right now you can tell me what he said.” I say once we were away from the group.

“Okay well before you-“

“Oh my Gosh! It’s Luke!!” Me and Luke turn around to find two teenage girls with a massive grin on their face.

“Could we have a picture? Oh my God I can’t believe it’s you!” The blonde girls asks.

“Sure.” Luke smiles and begins to take pictures and sign things for the girls.

I’m never going to find out what Harry said…






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