Back and FInding you

Hi I am Skylar Holly Lousing I was Best friends with Louis Tomlinson when I was young My parents got divorced and I was made to move to England I was about 12.Its been 8 Years and my Dads letting me go back to visit my Mom my Beasty is also going she Loves 1D but not me I hate them her Name is Lulu I haven't seen my Mum for 8 years and know I am 17 I am so happy to be going back. I have long blond hair that's wavy and blue eyes like my Mum Lulu has dark hair and its also wavy she is awesome .What Happens when I am Kidnapped by 1D and so is Lulu. I have a cat he is Black with blhue eyes his name is Prince. well here we go.. Hope you like.. will they become friends or more with Louis being with Eleanor ruin any thing they can have??? FIND OUT


1. CHapter 1

My dad walked in "Hey hun." he kissed the top of my head "Hey Daddy." He kissed the top of my head as the doorbell rang "GESS WHAT." my best friend yelled "What LU!?" I yelled right back "I got concert tickets for 1D " she was fan-girl "Yippy" I said she looked at it "And since your going home to move in with your Mum and I am staying with you we can go" she smiled and so did I "Okay" I said (Flash Back) Dad walked in "Hunny." I looked up from my book "I made some arrangements for you and Lulu can- I sighed  "were moving?" I said he looked down sadly "NO you are your going back to Doncaster sweetie" I looked up "Wh-what" I stuttered over My words caught in my trough "sweetie its been 8 years I think its time you stay with your Mum." I started crying "Okay-Okay I will let Lu now..."" I walked out then(end of Flash Back) I looked at her coming back from the memories but then a worse memore came up (8 years ago in their tree fort Skyler and Louis ) *l for Louis s for sky) l-Sky I think we shouldn't be friends 

s-why I mean okay I am sorry for what I did I ran away crying it started raining and I never saw him after that (end) "BYe DAd we have to get to the airport" I yelled we all hugged and me and Lu left ...  

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