Just My Luck

Ally is an 18 year old girl, who loves singing! She attends Juliard in NYC. When Justin Bieber is looking for a new background singer, everything in Ally's life changes... despite the fact that she isnt really a huge fan of Justin...


5. Not you!?

Justin's POV

The front desk woke me up around 8 a.m. to tell me that the flowers have arrived. So i got up and fixed my hair and but on my dark jeans with a white t-shirt and my leopard printed supras. Once i was ready and fresh, i told Scooter i would be back in a little bit and ran out the door before he could say anything. I got to the front desk, and the flowers looked beautiful, i couldnt wait to see that girl from last night! I told the the front desk to call their room number and say that there is a gift down here for them.


Front Desk- Okay, she said she would be down here in a minute.

Justin- Alright did it sound like a young girl or a women...?

Front Desk- I dont know, there werent a lot of words exchanged. 

Justin- Ugh, okay! I hope the right person comes down.


5 minutes passed and i saw the elevator door open up, and a young girl walked out of it. I was sitting on the couch waiting, when i noticed it was the girl i was looking for! She looked so cute, her hair was a mess and she was in sweat pants and a hoodie. She was like avoiding eye contact or something, because she wouldnt look my way...


Ally's POV

Front Desk- Your gift is behind you...

Ally- Oh, thanks.


I turned around and in that split second i went from tired to extremely annoyed. I walked over to the boy on the couch and just stood there. He stood up and began to try and talk to me.


Justin- Hi, I'm Jus-

Ally- I know who you are, and what do you want? 

Justin- I just wanted to give you these flowers, because of the commotion i caused you and your mom last night.

Ally- That was you? Gosh and i thought you were cute..

Justin- Excuse me? Did i do something wrong?

Ally- Just because you're a big celebrity doesnt mean you're liked by many people.

Justin- What did i do to you?

Ally- Nothing, i just dont like you. And if you dont mind, i'm going to be late for my flight.

Justin- Well sorry for being such a disappointment. Here's the flowers.

Ally- No, keep them i dont want them.


And with that, i walked away. God who does he think he is?!He has a girlfriend anyways, why is he trying to flirt with someone and give them flowers? Now my day is ruined. I walked back up to the room, and my mom asked me where i went and i just told her i went to the car for something. I sat on the bed and logged on to twitter... I had a new follower..

*Justin Bieber Now Follows You*

Joy.. He's so annoying. Trying to make everything better by giving me flowers. It wasnt even that big of a deal? Who cares he took our parking spot... And to think i thought he was cute! EWW!

I was scrolling through my tweets, when one in particular caught my eye....


*Justin Bieber- To think i was going to be nice to someone that doesnt deserve it #respect*


How rude could he be? I just told him i didnt like him and i didnt was his flowers?


*Ally Moore- All i said was that i didnt like you, and i didnt want your flowers... My bad for speaking the #truth*


After tweeting, i heard a knock on my door and i wasnt in the mood to answer it, I just wanted to pack and leave and get on the plane. I didnt want to see that gorgeous boy again... i mean ugly! What am i saying Ally?! Ugh, i just want to get to New York and start my career in Juliard.


Justin's POV

After what just happened in the lobby, i decided to call Krystal. But i was to angry, and i went on twitter and had to make a tweet. I wanted to get my mind off of that girl. Because even though she was so rude to me, she was absolutely beautiful. I found her twitter account, and decided to follow her, and make a tweet...

*Justin Bieber- To think i was going to be nice to someone that doesnt deserve it #respect*

And within like 2 minutes, i got a follwer.. It was the girl.. her name is Ally, Ally Moore. i refreshed my feed, and saw that she tweeted...

*Ally Moore- All i said was that i didnt like you, and i didnt want your flowers... My bad for speaking the #truth*

I was just getting myself more fustrated, and then Drake started blaring out of my phone speakers making me lose my train of thought... It was Krystal...

*Phone ringing*

Krystal- Hey babe, are you okay? i saw your tweet..

Justin- Yeah, ummm.. i'm fine.

Krystal- Oh, okay.. So what's up?

Justin- Just laying on this hotel bed... waiting for Scooter to get out of the shower so we can pack the car. How about you? 

Krystal- I'm just sitting here waiting for Stephanie to come pick me up so we can go shopping. She's giving me my early birthday gift, so when we have a party i have an outfit.

Justin- Oh yeah, when's the party? 

Krystal- I'm not sure yet.

Justin- Oh, okay.. well i have to go now. I'll try to talk to you later.

Krystal- Okay, bye baby. Love you

Justin- Yeah, bye.


That was weird... She just said she loved me... I am definitely not ready for "love". I feel bad i didnt say it back.. but i wasnt about to lie to the poor girl. 

Scooter got out of the shower, and i was packing up my suitcase and heading for the car when i decided to ask the front desk what room that girl was staying in. I put my bags in the car and when i came back the front desk person told me their room number, and i decided to stop bye their room. 

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