Just My Luck

Ally is an 18 year old girl, who loves singing! She attends Juliard in NYC. When Justin Bieber is looking for a new background singer, everything in Ally's life changes... despite the fact that she isnt really a huge fan of Justin...


9. Meeting you again?

Ally's POV

I got up from my seat, and walked off the plane. Was i maybe judging Justin to hard? Maybe he is a really sweet person? Whatever, im just excited to see Gabby! I've missed her so much, and since its only 7 o'clock at night, and it would take us an hour to get to our apartment. So i can call Gabby to meet at our secret place at 9. So as i waited for my mom to get off the plane.


*Calling Gabby*

Gabby- Hey girl, you here?

Ally- Yeah we just got off the plane, im waiting for my moms slow butt to get off!

Gabby- Haha, Okay so what time is it now?

Ally- It's 7, and its going to take us an hour to get to our apartment, so i was gunna say wanna meet at our secret place at around 9? 

Gabby- Okay girl sounds great!

Ally- Alright, well love you and i'll see you soon!

Gabby- Alright, love you! Bye

*Hangs Up*


Mom- Hi honey, how was the flight?

Ally- It was surprisingly fun.

Mom- Good, well lets go find our luggage and a rental car and then head to the apartment.

Ally- Sounds good, but on the way can we stop for food? Im STARVING!

Mom- Ofcourse!


And off to the baggage claim we walked. All i could think about was telling Gabby about what's happened in my life since i left her last. I also couldnt stop thinking about Justin. His smile when i woke up was the cutest! Maybe i have been judging him wrong all along? I dont know, im just too excited to see Gabby! 

We found our luggage, and we were on our way to go rent a car. My mom said we would only have to rent it for a while until our cars from Florida got here, along with the rest of my stuff. Tomorrow I have to go to the school and check in to tell them that i am here. As my mom got the car, i was listening to Pandora and one of Justin's songs came on. It was pretty good i guess, but i was snapped out of my thoughts when my mom pulled up with the car and started putting our bags into the back. And off to McDonald's we go!


Justin's POV

To be honest, i had no idea what i wanted to talk to Krystal about. But at the same time i had knew what i wanted to say... I just didnt know how to put it into words that make sense. I was so distracted that i didnt even realize that the cab stopped at a McDonald's for food. I got out and went straight for the counter. I didnt realize how hungry i was until i smelt the McDonalds air! 


Waiter- How may i help you?

Justin- Can i have a big mac?

Waiter- Ofcourse, is that it?

Justin- Um and a large frie and a coke.

Waiter- Okay, that will be $8.75

Justin- Okay, here *hands him the money*

Waiter- Alright it will be out soon. 


I went and sat down at a table to wait for Scooter to order. As i waited, i never thought i would see the person who just walked through the door again.


Ally's POV

After mom put everything in the car, we were off to find a McDonalds. I put the radio on, and mom and i were jamming out to some Emblem 3. We were screaming the lyrics at eachother with the windows down. It was fun! But when the song ended, mom decided to have a heart to heart conversation with me...


Mom- Hey honey, can i ask you something?

Ally- Go for it mom.

Mom- You dont have to answer me, but i was wondering what happened between you and Adam.. Like why did you guys break up?

Ally- Because things between us were getting bad. He was becoming distant, and Sammy (my best friend from Florida) said he was hanging out with some other girl and he was getting handsy with her. And i just didnt want to deal with it because i asked him and he lied to me. Meanwhile Sammy, she sent me a picture of him with some other girl, and his hands were like all over her body. I was just not gunna deal with it.

Mom- Well im really sorry honey, i know you really liked him..

Ally- Mom we dated for almost a year and a half, i didnt just like him... I loved him. but things just didnt work anymore.

Mom- well anyways, we're here!



I honestly was so happy to see the McDonalds sign! I was so hungry i could probably eat the whole place! We parked and started to walk towards the door, and when i walked in my heart skipped a a beat..... or maybe two.

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