Just My Luck

Ally is an 18 year old girl, who loves singing! She attends Juliard in NYC. When Justin Bieber is looking for a new background singer, everything in Ally's life changes... despite the fact that she isnt really a huge fan of Justin...


6. Airplane (Prt. 1)

Justin's POV

I stopped by Ally's room and decided to knock on her door. No one answered. I stood there for 5 minutes looking like a complete idiot, Scooter came down the hall and said we had to leave, so i just walked down the hall to the stairs while Scooter took the elevator. 

There was something different about this girl that just kept me wondering why she didnt like me? She didnt even freak out when she saw who i was.. well she freaked out but not in the normal way most girls do... What did i do to her that she doesnt like me? Well it doesnt matter.. i'll never see her again. So i might as well try to forget about her.


Ally's POV

I didnt want to open the door, my mom was in the shower, and i was laying on the bed watching tv. When i heard the knocking on the door, i turned the tv to mute and waited for the person to walk away. I was in no mood talk to anyone, i just wanted to get to New York and forget what happened 20 minutes ago. 

My mom got out of the shower, she got dressed and we checked out of the hotel and we were off to the airport. When we arrived, there was a little problem with out tickets.....


Mom- What do you mean i cant sit next to my daughter?

Check in desk- I'm sorry ma'am, but there was something wrong with all our tickets and your daughter will be sitting 4 rows ahead of you.

Mom- I will NEVER ride this air line again.

Check in desk- Ma'am we are very sorry.

Mom- Yeah whatever.

Mom- Honey i have some bad news...

Ally- What mom?

Mom- We wont be sitting together on the plane.

Ally- Where will i be sitting?

Mom- 4 rows ahead of me...

Ally- Oh, okay thats not that bad. Did they say who would be sitting with me?

Mom- No, but they said you can pick any seat in your row.

Ally- Okay, thats either the window seat or the isle seat.

Mom- Yeah lets go sit down and wait for them to call us.

Ally- Okay.


Justin's POV

After i got in the car to head to the air port, Scooter kept asking me if i was okay...


Scooter- Dude, whats wrong? You seem pretty down? Is it because you havent seen Krystal in a while?

Justin- I'm okay, and yeah im alittle down because i havent seen her.

Scooter- If you want, i can try to set something up to where she can come see us in New York?

Justin- Sure.


I wasnt in the mood to really see Krystal, because to be honest she's extremely clingy. When we arrived at the airport, i grabbed my bags and Scooter grabbed his. We went to check in to make sure everything was okay, but everything wasnt okay. 


Scooter- What do you mean we're gunna be seated in different areas?

Check in desk- I'm sorry sir, but there was a problem with our tickets and we have to move everyone around.

Scooter- So where will we be sitting? 

Check in desk- Well Mr. Bieber will be sitting in row G seat 24. And you will be sitting in row K seat 32.

Scooter- Okay thats not that bad. We'll just take our seats and wait.

Check in desk- Okay, and if you need anything, just come and ask us.

Scooter- Okay.


Justin- Aye, Scoot.. I have to use the bathroom. Okay?

Scooter- Okay.


When we were coming into the airport, we got trampled by screaming fans and paparazzi. I just needed to be alone and go into the bathroom to think. But i had a major problem, i couldnt stop thinking about that beautiful girl Ally. She was so different from the rest, she looked so happy with life, that is until she saw me. I just wish i could see her one more time, or even speak to her and ask her why she doesnt like me?  

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