The boy that is the end of my life

When Scarlet was young she had a dream that she met a boy who said he would kill her one day. When she woke up she felt unsafe and scared she couldn't see his face but she felt like she knew him-the boy who would kill her.

Scarlet was 14 when she was hit by a car and slipped into a coma.

Now she is 16, 2 years after the incident and she woke up...but nothing was as it seemed.


1. Scarlet River


Hi my names Scarlet rivers. I'm 16 years old, I think? Whatever well my favorite color is red and my favorite song is... I can't remember. Well let me explain, i'm in a coma i never dream it's all just black.I was hit by a car when i was 14 i glad i could remember that. That's my pic.I know,I look like Scarlet Witch, like exactly like her. I'm naturally pale and red headed.


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