Bridgette was known as the girl next door, the sweet and kind girl everybody loved. But when she looses her mom, everything turns upside down. She has to keep her family together while trying to keep her grades up for college. Nothing is easy for her, but hope is the only thing that keeps her going. Just like what her mom always told her "after a hurricane comes a rainbow". Her friends are there to help her, while she develops romance. Read on to experience the life of a troubled teenager.


14. Chapter 14

The day has finally arrived for my school trip to Italy. I hit snooze on my alarm 5 times before I wake. I shower, get dresses in something comfy and applied minimal makeup. My dad drove me to the airport where everyone was already waiting for me. I ordered a starbucks coffee to start my day. 

We all lined up, went through security and boarded the plane. I exchanged places with Brandon so I could sit with Logan and he could sit with Lindsy, it was like a win win situation. "I'm so so so very excited! I can't wait to reach Italy Logan." He kissed my head and replied:" I know, I am too. I can't wait to see the Leaning tower of pisa." I laughed "It reminds me of pizza". Just then the flight attendant told us to buckle our seat belts as the plane was going to take off. 

"This is it!" I squeal excitedly. we looked out the window to see the plane lift off. The ground was looking smaller and smaller. When we were high enough, I looked down to see all the cars looking like ants moving on the highway. "So that must be what we look like to birds" said Logan. "Huh, I've never thought of it that way." 

I snuggled up close to him, burying my head in his neck, tired from getting up early. "Go to sleep, I know you're sleepy." I closed my eyes and soon drifted off. 

I woke up to the sound of munching. "Hey, give me some" I took the bag of chips from him and called for some coke. I logged onto my Instagram and saw a picture of me sleeping and Logan pulling a funny face. The tag was: The best boyfriend in the whole entire world, love him to death. I raised my eyebrow "really?" He smirked and said "I know you think of my that way" I just rolled my eyes and looked at my watch. "We're going to reach in 15 minutes". 

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