1. Introduction

Ever since I was about 9 or 10 I’ve been held by my dad, locked in my room. It first started when mum and Lucas moved away, my parents had a massive argument and when the morning came they were gone. I got a note from my mum; she left it under my pillow - 'Stay strong princess I will be back one day to find you. I had to take your brother he’s weaker than you. Just remember, I always love you. xoxox'
I miss them so much but I’m glad they left, they don’t deserve a life like this. My father is a controlling man, he always has been. Back in the good days I was allowed friends.
I remember meeting my best friend, Rory. It was his first day in year 3, he had moved from Ireland and we instantly became best friends. We still are today, when we meet without my dad knowing, that is. My father is the school headmaster so he’s always keeping an eye on me. Rome is the only one who risks meeting me and I’m so grateful for him. Without him my life would be dreadful. I’m going to miss him when we graduate – only 2 weeks now. I’m going to a university near him but he’s going to join a boy band in the same city. He’s already been accepted. I’m not surprised, his voice is amazing. He’s singing at the leaving party at my house next week, it’s the only thing my father will let me go to.

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