3. Goodbye...

"Have we really just left secondary school?" I ask Rory. He nods "Hey off to College!" he says, smiling. "Hey once your boy band’s big and famous don’t forget me!" I say and he laughs "How will I forget my first, deepest love!" he mumbles. Does he love me? I love him.... We head to the party in our outfits and my Dad is smiling, being a 'good parent/headmaster'. The party atmosphere is amazing and I stay with Rory all night. He’s so sweet and we get into some really flirty situations but I can always feel my dad watching us. Suddenly Rory goes into kiss me but before we do my dad grabs him subtly and takes him outside. I run to my balcony and listen to the conversation. "Leave my baby girl alone. She’s not coming to college near to you; she’s staying here with me. Leave now. Don’t talk to her ever again. I need to protect my baby, she’s not leaving like everyone else!" he growls to Rory. I can see Rory has tears down his face. He walks away without saying a word. I lock the door and sit on my bed. Why does dad mess up everything in life? I wonder how he's going to make sure I don’t go to college. I can’t believe what’s happened... I sit on my bed and I feel like I want to cry but I can’t, tears won’t leave my eyes. I’m stronger than that. I will not cry over my dad. I pick up my phone and see a text from Rory 'Hey babe, enjoy the rest of the party, don't feel very well so I’ve already left. Sorry couldn't find you. xoxoxox' How could he lie to me, maybe he's protecting me... I go to the cupboard in my room and pull out old photo albums. I look at the family pictures; we looked so happy. What a lie! I see school pictures; wow I used to have a lot of friends. They seemed to leave when my life got hard, guess I never had any true friends bar Rory of course. I lie in bed in my beautiful dress with the photo albums, thinking about all the happy memories. I wish I could go back and have fought to have left with my mother, maybe my life would have been seriously different. Maybe i'd be happy? I slowly drift off to sleep with all of these thoughts in my head.
I wake up in the morning and start to clean the house. It's a right state from the party last night and dad will go mental if it's not clean. I'm nearly done when I hear a knock on the door, its dad. "Hey babe just went out shopping. Did I tell you, you got into the university round the corner!!" he screams with glee. "Erm dad, I didn't apply for that one, I applied for the one in London..." I say, remembering the conversation I heard last night. "Oh I changed it. Did you think I was letting my princess go to London with some boy?" I run up stairs screaming and get into my room. I lock the door and try to call Rory several times. He ignores me, I know his phones on it never turns off and that’s why he always says he needs a new phone... Wow, I know this boy too well. There’s a knock at my bedroom door, it’s my dad. "Julia please let me in. I know what’s best for you. I don't want you to leave like your mother, you have got to understand!" he says. "No, please go away." "Fine." he says storming off. I try to call Rory again but this time it says the phones been disconnected... All this to get away from dad and I sigh....

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