2. Chapter 2

I go downstairs – my father’s drives me to school. I get in the car "What you got today Julia?" he asks. "Why, you already know!" I say sighing. He gives me a smug smirk "So?" he says laughing. We arrive at school and Rory’s waiting for me. Dad sighs. "Don’t hang out with him again, you know he’s trouble." he says under his breath. "No! Leave me alone”. He grabs my head and yanks my hair, making sure that Rory is watching. "Shut up you cow!"

He lets go and I move away precariously. I’ve never cried since mum left - crying is a sign of weakness to my father. He doesn’t deserve my tears. "Hey, are you okay?!" Rory says, "What do you think?" I say. He hugs me. He's the only one who knows how my dad really is, yet he has always stayed. We walk to chemistry; he’s holding me in his arms.

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