Geek Gone Bad (Completed Story)

A 15 year old girl called Hollie falls in love with a shy, geeky boy called Harry when she stands up for him against the biggest idiot in school. Eventually Harry and Hollie end up pulling their two groups of friends together and the 10 of them end up on the wildest rollercoaster of life <3


3. The School Nurse & A New Style

Harry's P.O.V:

I am so glad that Hollie made George stop. The nurse made me lift my top up, which was slightly embarrassing 'cause Hollie was still there. I've been working out to try and fight back, but I always get beaten so I never get the chance.

"That looks very painful sweetie. Hollie you get poor Harry some ice while I go and speak to the headmaster (or principal)" the nurse said and walked out of the room. Hollie gave me some ice and put it on my stomach. I had a MASSIVE bruise where George had been kicking and punching me.

"So, why did you stop George?" I asked.

"Well, I don't like it when I see people getting beaten up. I wasn't gonna let that idiot beat you up and walk away as if nothing had happened. I'm surprised I slapped him actually" Hollie replied. I laughed even though it hurt. The nurse walked back in.

"Okay, the headmaster (principal) is going to speak to George. Harry you can go home, Hollie you need to go back to class" the nurse said. I got up and opened the door for Hollie and we walked out together.

"Hope you get better soon Harry" Hollie said and kissed my cheek.

"Thanks, bye" I replied and walked home, I wonder why she kissed my cheek?


Hollie's P.O.V:

Oh my god, why the hell did I kiss Harry's cheek? Well... I guess he is kinda cute. I wonder what Harry, Louis, Zayn, Liam and Niall are really like. I bet they aren't nerds all the time, they're probably hiding something.


Jaz's P.O.V:

Hollie finally walked into class, she's 35 minutes late! She might as well not bother coming to class. As Hollie walked in the whole class stared at her, she went bright red and ran to her desk next to me.

"Hollie. Why are you 35 minutes late to class?" the teacher asked. The room fell silent as everyone waited for the excuse.

"I was helping Harry Styles. He was getting beaten up so I took him to the nurse. By the way the head master would like to have a word with George" I replied. George stared at me and punched me as he walked past to go the head's office.

**The next day, beginning of the first lesson**

We were all sat in Geography, waiting for the rest of the class to show up. It was mainly Liam, Niall and Harry because Louis and Zayn are in Eleanor and Perrie's class.

There was a few minutes of silence as the three boys walked in. Mine, Ellie's and Hollie's jaws dropped. Liam, Niall and Harry weren't wearing anything nerdy/geeky at all. Liam was wearing a white t-shirt, a black and red hoodie, some dark blue jeans and some white trainers (sneakers). Niall was also wearing a plain white t-shirt, but with a dark blue shirt with it's buttons undone, jeans and white trainers too. Harry was wearing a white t-shirt as well (what's with the white t-shirts???), black jeans and black boots.

To my surprise Harry didn't have his hair slicked back, he had wild, curly hair and none of them were wearing glasses.

"Why's everyone staring at us?" Niall said in his cute Irish accent. There's definitely something weird going on! Liam shrugged his shoulders then they sat at their desks behind us.



Hollie's P.O.V:

Before Harry sat down behind me, he winked at me which I thought was a bit strange- wait a second. What if he fancies me because I accidentally kissed his cheek? I tore a bit of paper out of my notebook and scribbled something on it before passing it to Ellie. When Ellie read the note she raised her eyebrows and her eyes went massive, which was a struggle not to laugh at. Luckily we were watching a film so the teacher wasn't looking at any of the students.

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